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Month: January 2005


I love wellies! Erm… for you non-brits, wellies, short for wellington boots, are rain boots or gum boots. Lots of fun for going out when it’s raining and splashing in puddles. 🙂 Fun with wellies is one of the pros on my list of reasons to move to the north Pacific coast (Oregon, Washington or British Columbia) when I finish my degree.

I’ve always been fond of wellies. I think the main reason is because, when I was six I was given a huge Paddington Bear (by huge, I mean about half my size at the time). Most Paddingtons just come with the hat and coat (and the “please look after this bear” label), but this one also had on little tiny wellies and I wanted a pair just like his. I never did get a pair just like his (they were red), but I did eventually get a pair and to this day relish rainy days so I can put them on and go out and play in the puddles.

Bits of randomness

So I was going to go bowling on Sunday with some friends, but we’re all so laid back that we didn’t actually manage to get our plans together in time, so we didn’t. <paranoid>Or maybe they did and they didn’t invite me!</paranoid>

You know, just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not out to get you.

I’m thinking of starting to re-read the Harry Potter books because the sixth one’s coming out in July. I figure, taking it leisurely, and taking time off for stuff I’m actually supposed to read, like textbooks, I’ll be done just before the new one’s released.


First week of the new semester is now over, and already we have a break, with MLK Jr day coming up on Monday. Not that I’m complaining about having a day off, but it does seem a bit silly to have it so soon after the start of the term. I guess it’s just going to be a silly term as far as breaks go anyway, what with Easter being the weekend after Spring Break.

The work blahs

It’s days like today that I really miss teaching. Not because I don’t like this job, not even because I miss the kids (though I sometimes do), but because teachers are still on break, and I had to come back to work today. *sigh* Not really the best reason to go back into teaching, but on days when I consider it, vacation time is definitely number one on my list of pros.

It’s really quiet here today, as classes don’t begin till next week, and I haven’t any projects left that I can work on at the moment. I’m glad I brought my knitting to work on during my desk time. I’m not sure what else I’ll have to do today, and I hate being bored. At least if I’m sitting at the desk knitting, it looks like I’m being halfway productive, waiting for patrons to come by and ask questions, as opposed to just sitting at my computer playing.

Best score evah!

So I went bowling the other night with my new bowling ball, and I scored a 160 on the first game!! That’s my highest score to date. Of course, on the second game I didn’t even break 100, but I rallied on the third and managed a 122, which is closer to my normal.

As usual, I had a pretty good time with my mother, but by the end of the first week, I was ready for her to be out of my apartment. I love both my parents, but a week is as long as I can handle with either of them, if we’re staying in the same house.

It’s back to work tomorrow, so I’m making the most of my last day off. At the moment it’s nearly 2:30pm, and I’m still in my pjs. I’ve been doing some reading and watching some shows that got recorded while my mother was here. I have to go to the post office at some point today, but other than that, I’m free to be a slob and a vegetable, and I’m enjoying it a great deal. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to doing nothing.

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