Hmm… looks like the new trend on my blog is one post per semester. Well, couldn’t be helped, it was a busy term. Still is, actually. I should be studying for my database final which is first thing tomorrow morning, but I thought I’d do my duty as an upstanding member of the Procrastinators’ Guild and avoid it for a little while. I did look over the study guide, and it’s really just the bits that are from the first half of the semester that I need to go over. Most of the rest of it we’ve been using fairly constantly in class and on assignments so I’m comfortable with it.

So, can’t wait to go shopping this weekend. Tomorrow’s payday, which means I can finally get my Christmas shopping done. I’m going to Mexico to spend the holiday with my brother and his family so I have to get stuff for both the kids. Apparently, they want football cleats (read soccer, Americans). Well, that’s easy enough, but I’d also like to get them something fun. That’s harder, because nobody can seem to give us an idea of what they like these days! It’s the problem with living so far away, you don’t get to know the little details of everyday life.