I’m feeling old… and dead… and Jewish.

D’you reckon it’s because I’ve been cast as Grandma Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof? Nah, that couldn’t be it! Not a chance! 😀

Honestly, after call backs, I wasn’t expecting to be cast at all, because the director just had me read and sing for Golde, and there was no chance in heck I was getting that role. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I got the call the next day.

I have one question though. Why do I always get cast as old ladies??? Not that I’m complaining, but I wish I knew what goes through directors’ heads when they cast me in these roles.

In addition to Grandma Tzeitel, I’m also to be in the chorus of villagers, so I have lots of stage time. On the minus side, I’ve already got the music spinning through my head pretty much non-stop, and we’re only one week into rehearsals. I’m going to be hating it by the time we’re through, I fear.

Anyway, apart from the theatre, it’s spring break this coming week! Yay! Not that I get much of a break, as I still have to work full time… though this year I did ask for Thursday and Friday off. I’m in need of a break that’s longer than a weekend.