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Month: March 2007

So sore!

I ache. All over. Owie.

We had two three hour choreography rehearsals this weekend for Mattress and covered the Prologue, Song of Love, and part of Opening for a Princess. It’s Song of Love that’s got me in this state. Nichelle assigned Regan and me to be cheerleaders and told us to “be creative” so, of course, being us, we went nuts! And now I’m one big owie.

On the plus side, I’ll probably be in better shape by the time the show’s over. 🙂

How is it possible??

I found out last night that Regan has never seen The Music Man! It came about because, when Lise was blocking Swamps of Home she was trying to explain that in a particular section of the song, she wanted us to look a bit like the women doing the Grecian Urns (one Grecian urn… two Grecian urns… and a fountain, trickle, trickle, trickle), and Regan didn’t have a clue what she was talking about!

This from a… well, ok, she was never a music major, just an undecided music enthusiast, but she took lots of music classes, you’d think somewhere, someone would have introduced her to The Music Man! Well, if no one else will do it, I will. We’re having a movie night someday soon (just need to get our schedules sorted) so she can watch it.

If Mary Beth and Sherry can make it too, we’ll make a SKVE night of it. We’ve been talking about asking Regan to join the SKVEs and this would be a good trial run, to see if she’s up to our particular brand of movie-watching. The last person we invited, Kelita, couldn’t seem to understand why we found it so amusing to MST3K our way through Pride and Prejudice (“look, I have a sword!”, “are you sure those are period sheep?”).

It’s over!

It’s the last day of Spring Break (Saturday and Sunday don’t count, they’re not work days). As usual, I had to work during Spring Break, but I asked for a couple of days off in the middle. I mostly lazed, but I got a lot of recording done for my latest LibriVox solo project, The Scarlet Pimpernel. I have one last file left to edit, and then it can be catalogued. I really sped through this one, for some reason. I only started it at the end of February! (literally, the 28th).

I have a couple other projects in progress; Pirates of Penzance, which I’m trying to get finished this month, during March Madness; the other two are MC projects, my first two, since I was made an MC a week or two ago. Nothing too difficult yet, but I haven’t gotten to the cataloguing part yet. I’d meant to ask kayray, my MC if she’d let me catalogue Scarlet Pimpernel, so I could get it figured out, but she started before I could ask. I’m thinking of maybe MC’ing a weekly poetry project as a way of getting my feet wet instead.

We had auditions for Once Upon a Mattress last week, and I got cast as Lady Lucille (one of the ladies-in-waiting) and the Pantomime Queen (I thought I read quite well for the Queen :)). As Lady Lucille I get to hang out with Regan and Beth. So much fun! I think it’s going to be a great cast. I haven’t actually counted, but I’d say I know at least half of the people already from previous shows.

In knitting, I have this particular pattern for a little dress that I’ve been wanting to make since I first saw it over a year ago, but my friends keep having boys! I’d decided that if Meredith turned out to be having a girl, I was going to make it for her, but no, she’s having another little boy! *sigh* So, I gave her the book to look through instead, so she could pick out a pattern. She ended up asking me if she could take it with her over Spring Break, because she couldn’t decide, and she was going to make her mom choose for her! 🙂 So, I’ll find out next week what I’m making for her.

Baby clothes

Sometimes it seems that my friends get together and agree when to have babies. It often happens that if I hear from one that she’s pregnant, I’ll hear from at least one more within a few weeks. And so it has happened again. This time, I have four friends having babies within the next few months. So, I’m busy knitting baby clothes, and I’ve finished the first item.

Now I just have to decide who it’s for!

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