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Month: May 2007

At a loose end…

The show ended last Sunday, and now I’m feeling at a bit of a loose end. This is normal; it’ll take me at least a week to get used to it. This is the first show I was in where we had to have stand-ins for three different actors (as opposed to understudies, who are prepared to take over from the beginning of the run). In each case, it was illness in the family of the actor that pulled them away from the show. There was a rumour running around that someone mentioned the name of the Scottish play early on in rehearsals, and that’s why we had so many problems; others said it hadn’t actually been mentioned, just talked about without using the name. Lise mentioned something about “reverse luck” or “reverse superstition”; I can’t remember her exact phrasing, but the idea was that we’d been really careful to observe all the usual theatrical superstitions, such as not whistling in the theatre, not mentioning the name of the Scottish play, etc, and still ended up with awful luck.
We had one fabulous audience the second weekend, that was everything one could wish for in an audience; responsive, not afraid to laugh aloud, enthusiastic… and, of course, every audience after that seemed a let-down (though there was one that would have seemed dull even without that comparison. Good grief, it was like pulling teeth to get any sort of reaction out of them!).

I’ve pretty much given up trying to find a grown-up job in Waco. I heard back (unofficially) on one of the two remaining applications I had in at Baylor, that it had been offered to someone else. So, since most of the family is now in So. Cal. (Alondra and the boys moved up to join Paul and Mum last weekend!) and not planning on moving to OK, as they had been for a while, I’ve started applying for jobs in the Pacific states, to be closer to them. I’ve been looking at jobs in universities in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. I always did say that if I ended up leaving Waco, I’d like to move somewhere with a cooler climate. I’ve got four applications in so far, and that’s just in Washington, some in teaching and some in IT. We’ll see how it goes.


Life seems suddenly much more relaxing. The show opened last weekend, and I think it went quite well. We haven’t sold out any of the performances so far, but we’ve had decent sized crowds. One of the cast members, whose only previous experience at the WCT was Fiddler, was disappointed at the size of the crowds. It took some talking to convince her that Fiddler was a special case, that not every show sells out every single performance! While Once Upon a Mattress is a very fun show, it’s nowhere near as well known as Fiddler, so there’s not as great a demand.

I’ve also just mailed in Team Steve’s final project to the professor, so the only thing left for class is the presentation on Thursday. I’m so glad that’s over – being in a team of five people in which only two and a half are doing any work is no fun (two and a half because of the amount of work involved by the half compared to the two). We got the results on our finals back last week and I somehow managed to get the exact same grade on it as I did on the mid-term… right down to the decimal. Weird, but good, because I hadn’t expected to do as well as on the mid-term. There were several things I wasn’t able to get working properly, but he seemed to think that what I did do was very strong work regardless. I’m not going to complain!

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