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Month: May 2008

Trial by Jury

Lise asked me, even though I wasn’t going to be in the play itself, if I’d like to introduce the play in the guise of Queen Victoria. She said she’d been going to have me do that originally too, so I said yes, because I only have to be at the last two rehearsals (that’s tonight and tomorrow), and I don’t have to be there for the whole thing. So, I spent this past weekend making myself a Queen Victoria costume. I used the blouse pattern I used for my Martha costume for Secret Garden, and the skirt pattern from my Ren Faire costume, only I left the front panel un-gathered. It was a good weekend for it, because JoAnn’s was having its Memorial Day sale, so I was able to get this fabulous black striped brocade quite inexpensively. I also got a bit of lace to put at the collar, and some pewter buttons that look great against the black fabric. I think maybe the sleeves should have been tighter than the pattern called for, but it looks pretty cool anyway. I’m going to put my hair in a low bun, parted in the centre… and I’ll rummage through the costume jewelry at the theatre for some medals and something that might do for a tiara.


I’ve finally found a place I like to move to. It’s a large house near where I used to go to church that’s going to be available for rent for the next five years (I figure by then, if my plan works, I’ll have finished paying off all my debts and will be able to seriously consider buying). It’s six bedrooms and at least four bathrooms (possibly five, but half of the second floor was off limits when I visited, so I didn’t get to see it); enclosed patio, fenced back yard, new appliances, pets allowed. I’ll be sharing with two people (though the main renter hasn’t found the third person yet), and my rent will actually be a little less than what I’m paying now. My area will be the third floor loft, which is one big open area, which I think is slightly larger than my current apartment. My other choice was half of the second floor (two bedrooms and one of the bathrooms), but the bathroom was maybe a metre wide and three metres long, and I much preferred the brand new bathroom in the loft, as well as the loft itself. We get to move in in August. I’m really excited!

Nunsense was a huge success. We had a lot of hicoughs along the way. Our original Reverend Mother had to drop out because of health problems, and the new one, who came in about two weeks into full rehearsals (not counting the week and a half or so of music rehearsals at the beginning), had an awful time getting all her lines down. And by an awful time, I mean that she was still using cheat sheets during the week of dress rehearsals; and she used the cheat sheet for one particular scene throughout the run of the show (and at least some audience members noticed, because friends of some of the other cast members mentioned it). Still, even though we cringed at her performance throughout the run, the audiences seemed to love the show. We had lots of word-of-mouth sales.

Tommy and Lise (mostly Lise, I think) are directing a Gilbert and Sullivan one-act as the first of the summer fund raisers, and I’d originally agreed to be in the chorus in that. Rehearsals started one of the weeks between shows of Nunsense, and the show goes up at the end of this month, so I know I was nuts to agree, but I did anyway. But I dropped out on Monday because I’ve been getting sick on and off for the past month or so, and I think a lot of it is because I’ve been so tired all the time from Nunsense that my defenses are low. I’m kind of sad, because it would have been fun, but I must admit, it’s nice having my evenings free and being able to read for pleasure, and record for LV, and go to bed at 10 (instead of 11 or 12).

Work’s going to be quiet for the next week or so; interim started this week. No (well, very few) students around after graduation on Saturday.

The Civic’s having it’s first ever (in my tenure there) Volunteer Appreciation Banquet this Saturday. Appropriately, or perhaps ironically, they’re also having their annual “let’s clean out the shop” day that morning. Planning on going to both. I hope we get lots done, because it’s a mess back there.

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