I recently bought a set of shelves from Ikea for my tv and for some extra dvd storage space.

When I’d put it together, I found that it was a bit too tall for the space, and I didn’t like the amount of space between the shelves. So I decided to modify it. I set the shelves to a spacing that I liked, and then trimmed the uprights to the height of the top shelf.


I decided to use the scraps to make two little shelves to put at the back of the bottom two shelves to create even more dvd storage space.

The sawed off uprights.  The 2x2 I used with the scraps to make the shelves  Finished little shelf

I used the scraps I’d trimmed off, along with a plank of 2×2 that I bought to make the two small shelves.

I’m thinking of staining it a darker colour because it sort of fades into the yellow of the wall, but that’ll be later. For now, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.