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Month: June 2010

I need a hero!

My hero has backed out of the melodrama. 🙁

So, due to the dearth of good male actors in this town, I’ve decided to use a Principal Boy in my melodrama and cast a girl as my hero. Booyah!

Oh, the drama!

I’ll be directing a melodrama this summer. K and M both wanted to act one, M especially since she’ll be moving back to GA in August, but there was doubt whether there would be one, because no one had submitted a proposal to do one. I told them that if they could find a script they liked, I’d submit a proposal to direct it. They came up with The Rose of Dismal Flats. I got the notice that I’d been approved a couple of weeks ago, and that my scripts had come in last night. First read-through tomorrow night! Show goes up a month from Wednesday!!!

One thing about this one, since it has a tiny cast (only 5 people), and I already had two people who wanted to be in it, and it’s not a part of the main line-up, I went ahead and pre-cast rather than holding auditions. I think it’ll be a good show.

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