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Month: September 2011


Nunca te olvidaré, Angelina.


After more than three years of working on it, I finally finished recording Angelina by Rafael Delgado! Woot! The last few chapters still need to be proof-listened, but I hope to be able to catalog the sucker some time next week. My next Spanish solo (started this morning), is the much shorter La Navidad en las Montañas (Christmas in the Mountains) by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (only 11 chapters in this, as opposed to 65 in Angelina).

I found out recently that one of my cousins is having twin girls this October, so I’ve started work on two more pairs of the Hello Kitty pants and two different, as yet un-chosen sweaters.

Knitting updates

My needles have been very busy this year. The Easy Baby Aran referenced here turned out really cute. I guess the reason they call it an easy aran is because there’s only one place where you do any actual cabling. The rest of the textured effects are just done with knits and purls.

I made another of the little hoodies, this time with the alterations I’d considered as I followed the instructions the first time. The little guy is still much too small in it, but his mom got a pic of him wearing it all the same. 🙂

I came across a pattern for Hello Kitty pants (on Boing Boing? Epbot? can’t remember) and I thought they were adorable. So I made those for another friend’s baby.

I made a cardi with a leaf pattern down the button band for another friend.

That was a top-down, raglan pattern. I really liked how the sleeve caps looked when I separated those stitches and continued down the body, so I decided to make another top-down raglan, but in short sleeve (and a pullover, not a cardi).

I’m holding on to this one for a little while, because the HOT Fair is coming up and this is the only completed garment I still have.

I’ve put a bit more work into the Elizabeth of York jacket in between baby garments, but I’m still only on the first piece. Fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles don’t make for a speedy project!

Project updates

The third Valonia book is finally officially published on Iambik (yay!). No word yet when we’ll get access to the last book in the series.

I was offered another series via ACX called the Summer Chronicles. I finished the first of those, Phantom Universe just last week. It’s currently in post-processing. The second, Forsaken Harbor, is due to be published at the end of this month, so I guess I’ll get to start working on it some time after that.

In the meantime, I’ve got a bit of a break and I’ve been able to concentrate on my poor, neglected LibriVox projects. I’ve finished my SFFAudio challenge book, The Big Time. Just finished cataloging it this morning. My Spanish solo, Angelina is moving along nicely. I hope to finish it before I have to start working on other stuff again (seriously, this poor thing has been going since 2008; it keeps getting pushed aside in favour of other projects). And as I was so close to finishing The Big Time, I decided to start my next English solo. I’m doing the next available Anne book, Anne’s House of Dreams. Next available as opposed to next in the series, because, unfortunately, Anne of Windy Poplars is still in copyright, which is a total bummer, because it’s my favourite. 🙁

I finished my latest project for Ignatius, Poor Banished Children, back in August, but my contact had some vacation time, so I haven’t heard when it’s due to be published. I’ve been offered a novella called Song at the Scaffold to read next. It’s set during the Reign of Terror. Should be interesting.

I’ve lots of knitting updates too, but I’ll keep those for a separate post, or this will be enormous.

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