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Month: October 2011

Iambik’s turning one!

It’s Iambik Audio’s first anniversary, and they’re celebrating with an audiobook giveaway. Go have a look!

HOT Fair again

Time for the fair again. My friend Eileen and I went together to see how our items had fared (no pun intended). She’d entered a shrug in the crochet garment category, and I’d entered the little blouse from the last post. We both won first place in our category, but there weren’t very many knitted and crocheted items entered. I only saw one other knitted entry, and it was in a different category. It’s a bit disappointing to see such a low turnout in the fiber arts.

I got a couple of photos of it with the ribbon, but the ribbon was twisted sideways, so it was hard to get an angle that showed the blouse and the ribbon both.

Nichelle, if you’re reading this, in a few weeks time you and Aurelia will be receiving an award winning knitted garment from yours truly. 🙂

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