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Month: August 2008

Moved in

As of yesterday morning, I am completely moved in and settled! Today I’ve been putting up pictures and mirrors, and I still need a few rugs and a towel rack for the bathroom, but other than that, I’m done, and the rest of this week that I took off from work, I can just rest and relax! I’ve put some photos of the house on flickr in case anyone’s interested (but they’re mostly for my mother’s benefit).


I’ve spent the last three days moving into the new house, and I ache everywhere… even my arches ache! Going from a second floor apartment to a third floor room is exhausting. I think, when it comes time to move out of this place, I’m going to hire people to haul everything for me. I’m ok with packing and unpacking, but let someone else do the heavy work. Though, I must admit, I had lots of help yesterday, with all the furniture. There were four of us moving everything out of the apartment, and then two more friends showed up to help move everything into the house. It was nice that we were able to get everything over in one load of the u-haul (plus a few things stuffed in people’s cars).

Today I’ve been putting things away, and I’m no longer feeling as overwhelmed as I was last night, mainly because I got all the stuff I don’t use often (camping equipment, suitcases, etc) into storage areas, so there’s not as much clutter out in the room. I’m taking all of next week off work, so I’ll have plenty of time to finish clearing up. First thing I need to do tomorrow, though, is go to the post office, because I had gotten the wrong house number stuck in my head, and so they’re going to be trying to deliver my mail to a non-existent address!

Ooh, and internet connection’s already up! Yay!

Miss Marple rocks!

I’ve recently been watching the new(ish) series of Miss Marple stories that had been coming out on PBS a few months ago. I really, really like Geraldine McEwan in the title role. She’s almost exactly what I always pictured in my mind when I thought of Miss Marple when reading the books. I also came across a biopic of Agatha Christie told mostly by herself, from the perspective of her talking to a therapist after her disappearance/reappearance in 1926, and of interviews with journalists at the ten year anniversary of the opening of the Mousetrap.

Over the weekend I also bought the new Stargate movie. It was fun… had a lot of great stuff that was reminiscent of earlier seasons.

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