Professional Voice Talent, Amateur Actor and Knitter

…the Weighted Companion Cube cannot speak

I was making a Companion Cube ornament for a geeky Secret Santa exchange, and I had enough clay left over to make one for myself too, so… new ornament!

Portal Companion Cube Christmas Tree Ornament

(I used Sculpey III, and the Portal 2 cookie cutter set from ThinkGeek to cut out the pieces)


A Charming Secret


A Charming Fatality by Tonya Kappes


  1. Hello Karen,

    I hope you are well.

    I’ve a few questions for you. Were you raised always in the US? Your reading of Pride and Prejudice was excellent. Your replication of British phonemes was quite also spectacular. I was wondering, were there any particular sources you consulted to learn this type of elocution?

    Also, if you’ve the time, I have questions regarding your profession in general. If you’ve the time, I would very much appreciate it if you could answer a few of them. I am looking forward to your insight in these concerns.


  2. No, I’m a British expat living in the States. I’ve had no formal training, but I do participate at my local theatre.

  3. Shana Khind

    Thank you, I would be very grateful if you could recommend other works with a style of language similar to Pride and Prejudice, are there any you found well done in LibreVox?

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