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Month: July 2010

Yay! Stage!

As of Sunday night we finally get access to the theatre. Woo-hoo!

But we’ll have less than one week to pull costumes, set pieces and the remaining props, record light and sound cues, and practice the chase scene. Gah!

Not to mention finish learning lines. Eek!

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

RTFM, eejit!

I really should read knitting patterns more carefully before I start. When I started the little sweater, I decided to do the pullover rather than the cardigan because I saw that the cardigan involved steeking, which I didn’t think I was ready for yet. If I’d read more carefully, I’d have realized that the armholes on both the pullover and cardigan are created by steeking. Eek! If I’d noticed this before finishing the body, I’d have adjusted the pattern to take that into account, but it’s too late now (the sweater’s already terribly behind schedule and I don’t fancy frogging the body back that far). So, I guess I’ll be trying my hand at steeking after all. Toes crossed, and all that.

I also feel like an eejit because I made the second sleeve two inches too short! The pattern calls for increasing two stitches every fourth row until you get 78 stitches. That took me 68 rows on my counter for the first sleeve. When I started the second sleeve, I got my rows and stitches mixed up and stopped increasing at 68 stitches, and didn’t bother to confirm by glancing at the pattern before I started the finishing off rows. *sigh*

They look much better now that they’re even. And I’m going to be very pleased with the final product if the whole steeking thing works out.

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