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The Godhead Machine

My latest finished audiobook: The Godhead Machine (Digital Sea #2) by Thomas K. Carpenter.

“An old enemy seizes control of the newly expanded Wiki-religion to create a new world order. To stop him, Zel must join forces with a mega-celebrity doing penance and an orphan girl out for revenge. However, mired on a thawing city in Greenland, she cannot just use her considerable powers to bend reality and fix the problem. Instead, she must turn her greatest weakness – understanding people – into a strength or doom the planet to endless religious war.”


Bean There, Done That


Bride of Brackenloch


  1. Mona

    I didn’t know where else to post this..I just want to say I absolutely love your Jane Austen audiobooks!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    Mona 🙂

  2. Josie Mendelsohn

    I concur!!!! You’re a great reader: wonderful accent and pace, with just the right amount of expression to enhance the dialog. Brilliant. Please do lots lots more on Librivox! Thank you!

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