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Month: March 2013


I’ve found a new knitting group in the area. A friend on facebook posted about attending a meeting, so I just tagged along. Really nice group of people. They have an ongoing project of making hats for preemies and newborns in the NICU at the local hospital, so I made a few for my second meeting.

Next meeting we’re swapping coasters, so I’m making this one (the pattern will be a bird once it’s finished).

My madrigal cardigan is coming along nicely. Just have to finish the second sleeve and add buttons.

Once I’ve finished it, I’ll be starting a cardigan for my mum. Like this, only with a zipper.

I’ve set my tumblr to import into this blog so I can have it all in one place. So, there’ll be lots more Doctor Who, Lizzie Bennet Diaries and random silliness.

ETA: A failed experiment. The plugin would only do the initial import, not sync the two blogs, and I haven’t the time right now to fiddle with the code to get it to do that. So, I’ve put this blog back the way it was.


According to (which hosts LV’s files), my version of Pride and Prejudice has now been downloaded over one million times, making it the third most downloaded item in the LibriVox collection! I’m so glad y’all have enjoyed it so much. It was one of the most fun to record! 🙂

Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain

Auditions for Oklahoma! were this past Sun – Tues. They’re taking longer than usual to get the cast list up. Gosh, darn it, people, don’t you know I have plans up in the air? Make some decisions!

If at first…

Several years ago, I came across the book No Sheep For You, a book of knitting patterns and techniques for people who don’t like, or can’t wear woolen garments. I really liked the Morrigan pattern. I’m a sucker for cables (not to mention the pattern is named for the Celtic goddess of battle and strife – totally badass).

So I bought a bunch of KnitPicks’ CotLin yarn (it’s a cotton/linen blend), with the intent to knit the Morrigan. It then sat in my stash with the pattern for several years while I worked on other projects.

Last spring/summer, in preparation for my visit to the UK, I decided I needed a new sweater to take with me and finally pulled out the yarn and pattern. I got as far as reading through the pattern and looking over the chart, where I came across the term “no stitch”. No stitch?? What the heck does that mean? So I gave up on the Morrigan before I’d even started it, and found another pattern, the Azami.

I had finished the body, done one sleeve and the hood, when I decided to try it on. It was enormous, and I must have done something wrong on the hood, because that was too small. Very discouraging, so I frogged the entire thing and decided to try yet another pattern. Now I’m working on the Madrigal.

It’s a really interesting pattern. You start at the top of the back, work down to the armhole, and then go back up to your cast-on row (done in invisible cast-on, btw), and work down the two fronts, then join the three sections together at the bottom of the armholes and finish working the body. A nice thing about the technique is that I’ve been able to try it on as I’ve been working on it, and I’ve already made one or two sizing changes based on the fittings along the way.

And I may yet pick up the Morrigan again, because a couple of months after I gave up on it, there was a segment on reading charts on Knitting Daily, in which Eunny Jang specifically mentioned what the whole “no stitch” thing meant! Yay!

New facebook page

It occurred to me, after seeing another LibriVox reader do so, to create myself a facebook page for my voice work. It’s here.

There’s not much yet beyond posts for new releases.

For anyone who’s interested, and is a fan of hers, the LibriVoxer who gave me the idea was Elizabeth Klett (aka gloriana).

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