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Month: November 2013

A Cup of Jo by Sandra Balzo

My latest audiobook is book 6 in the Maggy Thorsen coffeehouse mystery series by Sandra Balzo, A Cup of Jo.

Maggy’s heart, uncharacteristically, is swelling with optimism. Sure, her original Wisconsin coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, was destroyed in a freak early May blizzard. But, thanks to friend and new business partner, Sarah Kingston, a perfect location for its successor has been found in a quaint Brookhills railroad station recently revitalized by the creation of a commuter-rail connection between the old depot and the city of Milwaukee, fifteen miles east.

Maggy and Sarah hope to piggyback the grand reopening of Uncommon Grounds on the media coverage of Dedication Day for the train’s two terminal points. Maggy even digs deep into her development budget and commissions a giant inflatable Uncommon Grounds coffee cup for the celebrations. All seems perfectly poised for the great day, until Brookhills’ in absentia event manager, JoLynne Penn-Williams, finally makes her appearance – as a corpse in Maggy’s piece de resistance…

©2010 Sandra Balzo (P)2013 Sandra Balzo

The Quest for the Immortal Walker by Katie Paterson

My latest audiobook is the final book in the Chronicles of Valonia by Katie Paterson, The Quest for the Immortal Walker.

The Master of Hades has waited centuries to fill the world with his evil, and now he has his chance, with his despicable sorceress and his heinous creatures of death. Only the Immortal Walker can stop this catastrophe, and it is Rachel and Gareth’s final quest to find him. But who is the Immortal Walker and where is he?

Faced with dangerous situations the twins have to battle on and solve the mystery, before the Master of Evil takes over. But can Rachel and Gareth do this, and will they be in time to save the world from the eternal fires of Hades and its Supreme Master of Darkness? The Quest for the Immortal Walker is the fourth and last of the Chronicles of Valonia series.

©2012 Katie Paterson (P)2013 Iambik Audio Inc.

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