One thing about having a parent come to visit, is that I feel the need to make sure everything in the apartment is really clean and tidy. Ok, let me make that a bit more specific. One thing about having my mother come to visit, because when my dad came, I just vaccumed and called it a day. So… spring cleaning in December. It’s been an interesting (and busy) weekend. And I haven’t quite finished yet.

I’ve also spent a little time finishing a couple of books that I wasn’t sure she’d approve of, so I could get them out of sight. No, no, get your mind out of the gutter! It’s just that my parents are both pretty conservative, and I think they’d have kittens if they saw that I was reading a series of mysteries featuring Chicago’s only wizard that advertises in the phone book (the Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher). Vampires, fey folk, demons… yeah, they’d think I’d gone over to the dark side. But if they don’t know, they can’t fuss me about it.