I love wellies! Erm… for you non-brits, wellies, short for wellington boots, are rain boots or gum boots. Lots of fun for going out when it’s raining and splashing in puddles. 🙂 Fun with wellies is one of the pros on my list of reasons to move to the north Pacific coast (Oregon, Washington or British Columbia) when I finish my degree.

I’ve always been fond of wellies. I think the main reason is because, when I was six I was given a huge Paddington Bear (by huge, I mean about half my size at the time). Most Paddingtons just come with the hat and coat (and the “please look after this bear” label), but this one also had on little tiny wellies and I wanted a pair just like his. I never did get a pair just like his (they were red), but I did eventually get a pair and to this day relish rainy days so I can put them on and go out and play in the puddles.