Yeah, I’ve been watching Eddie Izzard again lately (“I’ve got legs. D’you like… bread? I’ve got a french loaf! WHACK Bye! I love you!”). I can’t help myself, the man’s a comic genius! I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve converted several of my friends to the Izzard… let’s call it cult, shall we?

And speaking of friends, we’re going to get together in a couple of weeks (as soon as we all have a free evening, all at the same time) and have a Jane Austen night. Considering the number of Jane Austen films that have come out lately, it’ll probably be the first in a series of Jane Austen nights. Yay!

I went to see Firewall yesterday… with one of my classes… and the professor paid. Now that’s what I call a field trip! The class is cyberwarfare, and basically, we went to see the movie so we could criticize… uh, critique it and the various technologies they use in it. It was fun, but it wasn’t really realistic… not that we expected it to be… it is a Harrison Ford movie, after all.