So I went to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break to buy the yarn I’m going to need for my next project (a toy border collie for my mum). I found a really cool yarn in the two colours I needed for the fur, really soft and almost furry feeling. Then I needed just a little bit of pink, brown and silver for the tongue, collar and tag. I found the pink and the brown easily enough, but it took me a while to find the silver, and when I did, there was only one skein of it on the shelf, and that was all tangled up. Plus, it cost $4.59! I didn’t particularly want to spend that much when I only needed maybe 5 yards of the stuff, but it really was the perfect colour. So I took it with me to the cash register and asked if I could get a discount on it, as it was all tangled up. End result, I got it for half off! Go me!