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So, as promised, some pics of the little Border Collie I knitted for mum; Toby, as she calls him.

I also took some pics of mum’s real Border Collie, Lassie (yes, I know, not the most original name… I expected better from her, but still :))

Sweet, isn’t she? But, just when you thought you were safe, she turns into…

Just kidding… but it is kinda freaky looking, isn’t it? 🙂


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  1. judith beardsley

    could you tell me where you got the pattern for border collie i have been trying to get one for a project i am doing for my spinning guild show and tell night have tried for weeks to find one this one is realy good would like to try knitting it myself

  2. admin

    I bought the pattern online. I think this is the site I used:

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