It’s time to start planning the yearly excursion to Scarborough Faire again! It’s not the same since Lauren moved to New York; in fact, we didn’t manage to get our schedules sorted in time last year and didn’t go at all! Not good. But this year we will go. We will!

Maranda and I both already have people we’re thinking of including in the group. I’ve already sounded Jana, and I need to remember to mention it to Sherry. I don’t know if MB is much of a faire goer, but I’ll ask her as well. I was thinking of asking Bobby as well, since he came with us the first year. We’ll see.

Fortunately, the faire runs a couple weekends beyond the end of Mattress, so we do have some dates available to us. Yay! I can’t wait!

In other news, I was told that Melissa hasn’t seen Music Man yet either!! So, we’re including her in our SKVE intervention night… when we get around to it. Darn the weather that forced us to put it off the first time!