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I’ve been searchin’…

For a job, that is. I haven’t had a whole lot of luck, but I did have an interview here in the library Friday before last. They said that they hoped to have the rest of the interviews done by last Friday and make their decision some time this week. It’s now Thursday and I have yet to hear anything, so I’m starting to lose hope. Still, fingers crossed until I know for certain.

I finally finished Tales from Shakespeare on LibriVox, which I’d been working on since March. I didn’t remember them being so dry and dull. The only way I got through was by bribing myself with reading a chapter in a new project every time I managed to finish one of the Tales. The two projects I bribed myself with were What Katy Did at School, which I’ve since finished, and Anne of Green Gables, which I’m about two thirds of the way through. I’m planning on doing another of the Scarlet Pimpernel books next; I’m leaning toward El Dorado, the one where they rescue the Dauphin.

We had a SKVE meeting on Monday and watched How to Steal a Million with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. So now we have several new quotes on our SKVE board. And let me just say that Peter O’Toole was hot back then! 🙂 We still need to have our SKVE Music Man intervention with Regan and Melissa, because we never did get our schedules worked out during Mattress, and they can’t keep going through life without having seen Music Man!


At a loose end…


Come on, just make a decision!


  1. Marian

    I’m sorry to hear that _Tales from Shakespeare_ is so dull! I’ve recently enjoyed your recordings of _Anne of Green Gables_ and _The Railway Children_.

    I have a 4 hr commute on Mondays and Fridays, and I’d love to listen to more books read by you because you’re the best narrator to my ears on librivox. May I be so bold as to request some Anthony Trollope?

  2. David Sanchez


    This year,2008, we commemorate 100 years of the first publishing of Ann of Green Gables. I decided to remember it and I picked your version out of Librivox recordings.

    I am really amazed about your reading. It is wonderful. I really enjoyed the book and I really find difficult to imagine a better way to read that story.

    Now, I am very eager to read all of your Audiobooks. Excellent rhythm, marvelous pronunciation, correct speed and a precise amount of theatrical intonation.

    I am starting your Anne of Avonlea version today.

    Congratulations for an excellent work.

    P.D. A little suggestion. Sometimes I find difficult to read your web page because of the font. It is a pretty font, three is no doubt about it, but it causes me a terrible eyestrain. I would enjoy more your blog with an easier to read font. However, I understand this is a subjective matter, so don’t feel obliged to please me.

  3. karma1130

    Ms. Savage,
    I’ve listened with much enjoyment to your readings of Hogart’s Will , and Mansfield Park, I absolutely love your interpretation of Beautiful Soup … would you ever consider film narration ? If so,
    I’d like to forward some materials which hopefully might interest you.


  4. Sarah of Sydney

    Hi Karen,
    I have just finished listening to Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I am about to start on Anne of the Island. You do such a wonderful job. Thank you so much. I see that Rilla of Ingleside is recorded at Librivox as well… have you done any others in the Anne series?
    Kind Regards,
    Anne and Karen fan

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