Ready for the nineteenth century!

I spent part of the weekend finishing my Hallowe’en costume. I had wanted to go as Tigger, to co-ordinate with MB’s Pooh, but, although I was able to find a pattern that would work to make the costume, I couldn’t find fabric in the right colours that wouldn’t kill me from heat exhaustion. So, I had to find something else instead. I went with a Regency period dress – I’m going to be Lizzie Bennet. 🙂

I found a fabulous dark purple cotton fabric with sort of roses (or some other flower) in lilac all over it. All I have left is to tack down the seam between the bodice and the skirt, wash it (it’s stiff and itchy from the sizing they put on the fabric) and iron it! I’ll post a pic from the Masquerade Ball next week. I think I want to change the sash a little bit too – it’s a little too wide for my taste right now, and I think I might also sew it onto the front of the dress so that it just has to be tied at the back. I just had another thought for it… maybe I’ll do some gathers on it to narrow it, rather than cutting it down. I’ll have to see how that looks.

It was a very busy weekend, quite apart from sewing. I went to a Barrage concert on Friday night with Eileen. This is the group I got to see at Disneyland with Pabis. He was mesmerized by them, and is going to be horribly jealous when he finds out I got to see them again. I think I’ll get him one of their DVDs for Christmas. On Saturday I went to look at houses during the day, and ushered for and watched Amadeus in the evening. Good Gad that show was long – three, frickin’ hours!!! It didn’t help that I kept wanting the guy playing Salieri to turn into F. Murray Abraham (not his fault, he did a decent job… but he’s no F. Murray Abraham). 🙂

I’m considering auditioning for the Christmas show tonight. It’ll be the first time I’ve acted in one of the Christmas shows (though I stage-managed last year’s). I’ve heard conflicting accounts of what it’s like to work with that particular director, which is why I’m only “considering” right now… but I probably will, because I don’t expect to do any of the other shows until the spring musical, Nunsense. The director for Steel Magnolias asked me to audition for that, but it’s right before the musical, and I hate overlapping shows.

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  1. We just named our 4 mo old kitten Lizzy after Ms. Bennett 🙂 Found your blog after listening to _The Colors of Space_ on Librivox. It’s a really great service, but I kept getting to a new chapter for this book thinking,’ Please oh please let that Karen Savage read the next!’ The first couple chapters were done by a Brazilian girl reading in English almost painfully and the others by some older sounding guy that read so slowly, it made everything sound ridiculous. Then another lady read that sounded like her lips were smacking or something. Anyway, your voice is outstanding for audio book listening and I really enjoy it.

    I’m thinking of joining, myslelf. I’m a professional singer but also read out loud well. PS how did you get to Waco from England? My band is actually on a label in London but we’re based in Nashville, TN. lol

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