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Starting off the year

Well, I survived the week in CA, but I was glad I was only there for a week. The place was hectic. Ten people and two dogs, and then the last couple of days, one additional person. Two people had colds when I arrived, and by the time I left, they’d traded them with two others – myself and my mother. So, I was glad I’d asked for the rest of last week off. It gave me time to get better before having to come back to work. With so many of us sick, it was interesting to see how each of us reacted to the same virus – one had really bad chest congestion; another had horrible post-nasal drip and cough; mine was all in the sinuses; mum’s had just started when I left, so I don’t know what hers was like.

I got a great new lap quilt from mum for Christmas. I’d told her how cold it gets in my office, so she made me one that folds up into a pillow to keep at work. I’d been a bit worried about the gift I got for Andy – a physics kit (like a chemistry set but with gears and wires and things), but apparently his parents found him playing with it when they went to bed Christmas Eve (an hour or so after he’d said he was going to sleep). 🙂

MB and Sherry and I got to have a couple of SKVE meetings while Sherry was here for her holiday. We went to see P.S. I Love You one day and met for coffee another day. I’m not a great fan of Hillary Swank, but I enjoyed the movie ok. Sherry hadn’t heard anything about it before going, so she was disappointed that Gerard Butler dies; but then relieved that he comes back in flash-backs and hallucinations. She just likes to look at him. I made them each a short scarf with a slit in one end that you can tuck the other end into. MB opened hers while Sherry and I were waiting for our coffees, and we watched her trying to figure it out. She kept looking at the length of it, then opening the slit, then folding it back up. When she heard us giggling at her she asked me what it was, “It’s too short to be a scarf, and it has this opening thing only on one end…” Once she figured it out, she liked it. Sherry, having spent some time in a colder climate now, knew exactly what it was and how to use it. 🙂

I’m off to my first programming conference this week. It’s a three day conference on XSLT. It’s the first conference I’ve gone to for Baylor. I need to do a bit of research on Austin (which is where it’s going to be), so I can visit stuff after hours.

I’ve started a new project on LibriVox to work on in conjunction with The Elusive Pimpernel. I started Anne of Avonlea last night. I had a sudden craving for some more Anne. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done on these two projects this coming month (while Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is in rehearsals), but I’ll always have weekends.


Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…


Much of a sameness…


  1. Phil

    Hola Karen,

    Hope you don’t mind but just wanted to post a huge thank you for your beautiful reading of Jane AUsten’s Pride & Prejudice in LibriVox. It truly is exquisitely read and a real joy to listen to. It’s brilliant!

    Browsing your site, the theatrical work that you have done comes as no surprise as this reading could have only come from someone who must also be a fantastic actor too :o)

    Un abrazo muy fuerte!
    Phil (from England)

  2. Jim

    I’m replying to an old post, but hopefully this will make its way to you. Just wanted to thank you for your work on the Scarlet Pimpernel! I agree with the above reply; you’re reading is excellent! I’m especially impressed with the seamless transition between the French and English accent – wonderful job!

  3. Jami Good

    Hi, Karen! I’m really enjoying listening to Anne of Avonlea. I especially like your “Davy”. Hee-hee. Of course, he’s my favorite character in the book, anyway. 🙂 So, thanks!

  4. Lucas Parker

    Gerard Butler is the favorite actor of my sister because he got this macho factor..,:

  5. Megan Ally

    i love action movies and my idol is none other than Gerard Butler. this guy really rocks ;-`

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