Professional Voice Talent, Amateur Actor and Knitter

Oh, the irony…

So, I ordered Unbreakable from Netflix, and when it came, the disc was broken. I had a giggle over the irony in that.


A surfeit of culture…


My stomach is in knots


  1. Alice

    Nothing to do with your blog, but just wanted to say I downloaded Pride & Prejudice from Librivox & wanted to thank you for recording it, you have a lovely voice, which is a real pleasure to listen to.

  2. Martina

    HI Karen, Looked you up so I could leave a message for you somewhere, I am listening to your recording of ‘A Little Princess’ at the moment and am really loving it. Thank you for the recording, you read so well, I am rather envious LOL :o). I have just started doing a bit of recording for librivox too and totally enjoy it :o) I look forward to listening to more of your books.

  3. Robbie

    Karen: more praise and thanks, this time for the recording of the Elusive Pimpernel. That is not easy writing to read aloud, but you do it perfectly. I dearly love these stories, and look forward to more.

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