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Habit humour

I spent some time last night playing with the veil and wimple from my costume, trying to get the “habit humour” scene down. I’m doing alright with Pocahontas, Heidi, Pippi and Attila, because, well, they’re simple, and even if they weren’t, the actress does these on the dvd. Katherine Hepburn is a problem, not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because the veil’s too long, and the little tail that’s supposed to kind of stick up droops down to my chin. Easy to fix, fortunately; just a bit of cutting and hemming. My biggest problem is Princess Leia, because she doesn’t do that one on the dvd (she does Twisted Sister instead), and I have no idea how to get the coils to stay (or maybe I’m just supposed to hold them??). I also need to alter the wimple so that it doesn’t move around on my head, because that just ruins the picture. I’m thinking of replacing the strips of ribbon that tie at the back with elastic, but I have to make sure it’s ok with the director first.

I’ve kind of been going into LV withdrawal lately because I just haven’t had time to record. I can only manage a chapter or two a week right now. I did manage to finish The Elusive Pimpernel and Anne of Avonlea before the new show started. I’ve got two new projects going now, Angelina by Manuel Delgado (in Spanish) and Mr Hogarth’s Will by Catherine Helen Spence. I’d never heard of either of these before I came across them while browsing gutenberg, but the title’s sounded interesting. I was most interested in Angelina because it’s by a Mexican author.


My stomach is in knots




  1. Dill

    I am writing this comment to thank you for the charming audio books you have contributed to LibriVox.
    I’ve just finished listening to your Anne of Green Gavels and Anne of Avonlea. The series was my favourite book when I was a teenager, and l felt as if I was back to the good old days! Your reading really fits to the character of Anne; clear and cheerful and I was really fascinated.

    After listening those audio books, I have introduced them in my blog, and some of my readers are also enjoying your audio books. ( My blog is in Japanese. Sorry if you cannot read it!)

    I hope you will keep reading more books from the Anne series.
    I have realized you have read many more books for LibriVox, and I have downloaded some to listen to. I am looking forward to hearing more of your audio books.
    Thank you once again.


  2. I just finished listening to your recordings of The Scarlet Pimpernel and the Elusive Pimpernel. They were fantastic! I really enjoyed them. Your reading motivates me to do better with my own recordings. I have a goal to aspire to…to read like Karen.

    Thank you for the beautiful reading.


  3. George

    I absolutely loved your reading of Pride and Prejudice. It was fabulous. The best one out there.

    I’m on a Jane Austen spree right now. I’ve never read Jan Austen prior to a few weeks ago, when I saw “Becoming Jane” on the plane. After that I became quite curious in the writer. My wife & kids think I’m a little nuts because I’ve listen to your recording twice now. It’s just wonderful. My 10-yr old son is not so interested, buy my 8-yr old daughter enjoys it.

    I was so impressed, I’m now putting Scarlet Pimpernel on CD/MP3 to listen to on my next road trip.

    You have a fabulous voice with a wonderful accident. Kudos.

    … just a small technical comment.
    Your recording does have a slight low frequency (60Hz hum).
    I equalize out when I’m listening to it, but you might consider getting a different separate soundcard if you using on-board audio. I tried the same with my computer before when digitizing my record collection, comparing the recording from the on-board sound vs a Soundblaster Audigy card. The Soundblaster was significantly more resistant to 60Hz hum.

  4. Fenne

    Hi Karen,
    I’m listening to Anne of Green Gables at the moment, and I’m really enjoying your reading! I’ve never read this book before, but it is supposed to be a classic and I was interested, because I’ve heard good comments on it. It’s also my first audiobook, and I’m really positively surprised at how much fun it is! I think I’ll put some chapters on my iPod and listen to them while doing some practical stuff at my work 🙂
    Thanks for the effort made and I’m looking forward to listening to more classics read by you!
    *waves from Holland*

  5. I was wanted to read one of Arsene Lupin’s stories when I happened upon Libri Vox. I’m up to chapter four, and it’s all great, but your recording’s my favorite so far. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your theatrical projects. 🙂

  6. Mia

    I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU SO MUCH
    I always wanted to reread Anne of green gables but currently I only have the bedtime hours.
    You voice is so wonderful and I have so much fun listing to you interpretation of Anne.

  7. Kelly


    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful recordings of the Scarlet Pimpernel. I listened to all three recordings within three days and am even now re-listening to some of my favorite parts. I absolutely adore the way you portray Sir Percy Blakeney and his flippant nonchalance. I really do hope you record more of the books-reading it isn’t quite the same as hearing it. Thank you so much for helping to me to discover this wonderful series!


  8. Bob Carver


    Having been into computers for more years than I dare admit and also being a huge audiobook fan of yours, and a sci-fi fan to boot, I just had the thought that your voice would be great as either (or all, for that matter) of Dora, Minerva or Pallas Athene in Robert Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love.” Those were artificially-intelligent and conscious computers in case you haven’t read the book.

    Extending that idea a bit, your voice would be wonderful to hear from a speaking computer (hopefully, one that’s artifically intelligent, of course). Maybe someone who’s working on building such a machine will read this comment and run with the idea. Or, maybe some Hollywood producer is looking to turn the book into a movie, perhaps? You would be outstanding in it.

  9. Signgirl2011

    Thanks soooo much for reading some of the anne books!!!! Do you think you’ll ever read the rest of them?

  10. Anne Grant

    Dear Karen,

    I have just finished listening to your reading of Anne of Avonlea, which was the perfect entertainment on a long train journey from Cornwall to London. I enjoyed it hugely, you really made it come alive for me, thank you.

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