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My new toy

I usually get my taxes done at the earliest possible moment (I dread leaving them too late so I overcompensate), and this year all my paperwork was available before the end of January, so I already have my refund! I’m using most of it for sensible things, like paying down my credit card, but I wanted to get at least one fun thing, and I ended up getting this:


I’m calling it my NKDR (pronounced enkader), short for Non-Kindle Digital Reader. Eileen and I were in a silly mood when I told her I was getting it, and we came up with the acronym. It arrived yesterday, and I’ve been having fun playing with it since then.

I don’t particularly like the proprietary software that came with it (Sony’s eBook Library). It’s not particularly intuitive, doesn’t allow for much sorting or for editing of the metadata (which, since I’m planning on putting a lot of gutenberg texts on there, I’d need). Fortunately, I found a free, open-source alternative, calibre, which in addition to the things I’ve already mentioned, will also convert non-DRM ebooks from one format to another.

The reader can handle several different ebook formats (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .pdf, as well as their proprietary .lrf), which is fortunate, because there don’t seem to be a huge number of books available in their proprietary format. But most ebook stores I’ve seen offer secured pdf as one of their formats, so I don’t think I’m going to run out of books any time soon.

My main reason for getting it, though, was to use when recording, so that I could sit further away from my computer and its noisy fan.


Now I’m going to have to eat this thing…


My Ikea hack


  1. Adrien

    I find myself amid the throng of other admirers of your “reading” work. I am currently the rehearsal accompanist for a run of Scarlet Pimpernel (now I wish I would have auditioned – I didn’t know anything about the musical beforehand) Our Percy recommended librivox as a resource at our read-through. Yours is the first book I’ve listened to from this site, but I am astounded by the professional quality of your readings. Brava! Enjoy your NKDR (I name my digital toys too! Sometimes I even write theme songs…)
    I can’t wait to listen to your other stuff. Thanks!

  2. Hello Karen, Just stopping by to say how much I’m enjoying your reading of El Dorado. I have to agree with you that the book is a bit tedious in the beginning, but your voice is what keeps me listening. Keep up the good work.

  3. Simon

    Hi Karen

    Very much enjoyed The Scarlet Pimpernel. The reader really can make or break Librivox recordings and I found your reading amongst the best.

  4. joseph

    I once again listen to your PERFORMANCE of “Anne of the island” and it was Beautiful. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this.


    Joseph Dungee

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