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Finally finished The Secret Garden for LibriVox.

Also finished two paid gigs within the last month. Megan for I Publish Press, though I don’t think it’s up for sale yet; and The Death of a Pope for Ignatius Press.

ETA: Megan is now up on their website


Heavy Load




  1. Japheth

    Yeah! Another great book by my favorite reader! I love listening to your books! Keep up the good work!

    Now whenever I read the scarlet Pimpernel, I hear your voice!

  2. Exploratoria

    I love your work in Librivox – sign me up as a fan, too! I just listened to your reading of Pérez Bonalde’s El Cuervo and to your Alarcón. Great ~ thanks!

  3. Lorien C

    Oh cool!!! I loved your version of Secret Garden!!! Thank you!!! I finished with Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea, & now on Island!!! How I wish you had more of Anne series!!! Your version of Pride and Prejudice(my fave book) was awesome & it was the first book I listened at LivriVox, thanks to my iPhone!!! Keep up the great work & if I’m not too demending, keep’em comming!!! Lol!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! I really do appreciate it!!! My 1 hour to and fro work, total 2 hours, depends on traffic(sometimes more) isn’t boring anymore!!!

  4. Lorien C

    Oooops… I meant, A Little Princess… I was in the process of listening to The Secret Garden however it was read by someone other than yourself. I kinda got distracted around chapter 13 and started with Anne of Green Gables and got hooked!!! I was listening to Anne of Island this morning and suddenly remembered that there isn’t one of Windy Poplars so I decided to venture and seek if you had anymore of Anne series… And googles your name & here I am!!! I’m gonna look for your version of The Secret Garden!!! Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Karen

    So delighted to find you have a blog! Discovered you when listing to Secret Garden. I had not realised what an immense difference a good reader makes to a book. Some of the very generous people who volunteer their time and talents on Librivox are somehow just not as easy on the ear as you. And I see you are a knitter! That must make you just about perfect! How can I find the other LV titles you’ve read? Many thanks.

  6. Tonya

    Thank you so much for your superb job reading. I just finished listening to Pride and Prejudice and wanted to listen to another Jane Austen, but bypassed Emma because you hadn’t read it! Chose Persuasion instead and will enjoy it thoroughly, I’m sure.


  7. Arvon

    Thank you so much for all of your LV recordings! I found your voice with Sense and Sensibiliy. I searched for you and I am now enjoying all of your other books. I was wondering if you planned to finish readin the Anne series? I can’t locate Anne of Windy Willows nor Anne of Ingleside. Any chance you may bless us with you talent on these? Keep up the great work and ThANK YOU!

  8. Ellen

    Thank you very much for your recording of The secret garden. Every day, while walking from the station to the office (in Groningen, the Netherlands) and vice versa I listen to your recording. Although it is a bit strange to hear ‘American Yorkshire’ *wink*, I thoroughly enjoy your reading! This is my first Libirvox audiobook listening experience, but absolutely not my last. Again, thank you very much.

  9. I listened to The Secret Garden at least three times now (and I will continue to listen), and every time I choose to listen to an audiobook, I search for books read by you! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect reader. I bought the secret garden for a friend because I love the positive message, but I’m also making sure they listen to your recording because it’s 100 times better for an American to hear the Yorkshire than read it. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your talents!

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