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Month: November 2009

New books!

The library book sale was last week. I went on opening day this time ($5 entry) because last year I couldn’t find any knitting books and I was hoping to get a better choice this time. There still wasn’t a whole lot, but better than last year. In addition I got a few books of poetry, some mysteries and some scifi. I also picked up a few baby books for a friend.

I’ve started a new LV project, Ultima Thule by Mack Reynolds. I’m doing it for the 4th Annual SFFaudio Challenge. It’s a short novel, so I hope to have it finished within a couple of weeks.


Left the window cracked in my car a couple of weekends ago and got rained on, and though it’s nice and dry now, it still smells. I may go through an entire bottle of Febreeze to get the smell out. The car has been living on the roof of the parking garage in the sunshine with the windows cracked while I’m at work, hopefully that’ll help too.

Finished stage managing Woman in Black this weekend. Dressed as a dead cowgirl for this year’s Masquerade Ball (which for once actually fell on Hallowe’en!). I’m hoping to get some more photos from the others who were there, but for now there are a few on my Masquerade Ball page.

Have been able to get more work done on my recording projects since the end of the show. I’ve been putting a bit more effort into Dayspring (had been concentrating mostly on Clara Vaughan before); the chapters on that one are much longer than any others to date – I have to make sure I have a glass of water handy or I won’t make it through.

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