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Snow day!

We had a pretty good snowstorm last Tuesday, two to three inches. The weathermen thought the temperatures were going to drop below freezing overnight and make for difficult driving (around here, everything shuts down when there’s ice on the roads… our cars just aren’t set up to drive on ice, and our people just get stupid when trying to drive on ice, so it’s just safer to keep as many people home as possible), so the university shut down a bit early and sent us home. On our way out, while cleaning the ice off the cars we played around in it a little. A couple of girls built a snow bear in the bed of one’s pick up (sic ’em bears!), we had a minor snowball fight, and I made a tiny snowman from the snow on E’s hood.

When we got home we discovered that the weight of the snow had bent the poles of the canopy we’d put over my scooter. 🙁

I’m going to have to see if I can find something with stronger poles.


LibriVox needs you!


Tickle a what, now?

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  1. diana

    Hello! I saw your post about Librivox needing money so I went a gave a tiny donation. I cannot give much right now but Librivox is so helpful to me. I am in a holding pattern waiting for insurance stuff and then I need back surgery ….yuck! and listenng to audio books helps to take my mind off the pain much better than music or TV or even actually reading because I can relax into it so much more. sorry about you scooter tent. Did the poles just come loose? because some of those things just pop together but you could glue them in and make them more secure. I am a crafty type girl … lol! I think super glue would work great. There are heavier duty pop up tents with metal poles but it depends what the real problem was with the collapse. and make sure it is attached to the ground on case of high winds. Oh and I have been toying with the idea of recording something for librivox. but I think I would need to wait til I feel better. Soon , soon I hope. Well have fun in your snowy land. We have have tons in NYC. and just “git along black mare” lol!!

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