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You know you make me wanna…

Twist & Shout? Yeah. I’ve been working on that pattern from the Fall 2008 issue of Knitty since the fall of 2008. I just can’t get the darned thing finished!

First off, shortly after I got the yarn, Lucy decided it would be great fun to strew the entire contents of the package around the living room floor one day while I was at work. Thank goodness I came home for lunch that day, or by the end of the day it would probably have been unsalvageable. As it is, I called in sick to work and spent the rest of the afternoon untangling yarn. I had to throw some away, but I was able to salvage most of it (spent the rest of the project picking dog hairs out of it, though).

I did finally start the project during the 08-09 winter, but kept putting it aside to work on gifts for other people. I managed to get about halfway up the back before I got to the point, weatherwise, where I no longer wished to knit.

By the time I picked it up again last fall, I had no idea where, exactly, I was in the pattern (you have to keep count on two or three different things at a time), so I ripped it out and started over. I knew I was going to have to buy more yarn to get it finished, thanks to dear Lucy, but I’m obviously a horrible judge of yarn needs. I keep getting “just one more skein” to finish the thing off, and coming to the end of it and thinking, “ok, surely just one more skein?”.

I’ve finished the five sections, pieced it together and am about halfway through the collar. But I’m at a standstill now because I’m out of yarn (again!) and knitpicks (who make this yarn), won’t have any more of this colour in stock until May!

In other projects, I have three friends having babies within the next four to six months, so I’m working on gifts now. I’m finally making the little dress from the Dale baby book that I’ve been wanting to make for so long (but my friends kept having boys!). I’m about a quarter of the way through it. For my other two friends I’m making pullovers from another Dale baby book. Unfortunately, the yarn I ordered for those got nicked off my front porch between the time it was delivered and the time I got home from work. Pisses me off! >:( When I re-order I’m going to have it sent to work.


LibriVox Funddrive Update


So cute!


  1. Hey! I was listening to one of the books you’d read for I really enjoyed hearing your work. But to my delight, I clicked on your name, and found out that you are a fellow knitter. I love listening to audiobooks while I am knitting, and librivox is my favorite site to find good ones. You are one of my favorite readers, as well. I will definitely be listening to more in the future.

  2. The blog Craft Lit featured your readings of Persuasion, and that is how I found you. Your expressions and characters are wonderful, and I immediately listened for the name of the reader so I could download YOUR version.

    Then like Becky in the first comment, I found out you were a fellow knitter! How exciting! I will be back to your blog and look forward to exploring not only your knitting but the books you have read.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your voice talents with us.

  3. Nilda

    Yeah, me too too!!! I was bowled over. Your version of Pride and Prejudice was, hands down, the best. At the time I thought it odd, but with the british accent I was able to enjoy it more. So, I started to look for more books by you and…you speak spanish, great, enjoying “Angelina” very much, then, saw a poem read in Middle English?! Now, I am not bright, but yeah gods and little fishes who the hell speaks “Middle English” outside of that morsel vigo mortenssen, or was he in middle earth? Who cares, what I wanted to ask is why? Are you fluent? Why did you learn it? And then, because that wasn’t enough I put down the two socks at once I’m working on to check out your blog….and Holy Freak!!!!…you knit!!!! Please don’t get offended but I got a woman crush on you!!! — I’m married, and not interested, but for one tiny micro second I thought–if I were a guy who liked to knit and listen to audiobooks, I’d so want to date you. But, if I were a guy who liked to knit and listen to your audio books, I’d probably be sitting at home with my partner wanting to have you over for Cosmos and a knit night. 🙂 Read on, read on, you have a devoted fan. Thank you.

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