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Now that Gypsy is over, I’ve been able to get some serious recording done. Tonight I finished the last two sections of a biography of Padre Pio for Ignatius Press, and the last two chapters of What Katy Did, which I’m doing for LibriVox. Now I have to decide on a new LV project. I’m wavering between Sense and Sensibility and Anne of Green Gables.

Now I’m off to knit. I hope to get the body of the little sweater finished tonight. Then just have to do the sleeves by Thursday!




Shower fail


  1. Pearl

    Hi Karen,

    I just wanted to say that I love your recordings for LibriVox. You have an amazing voice and I think we have very similar taste in literature as well. I would love it if you could record another of the Anne of Green Gables books. I think you have brought them all alive for me, and they’re just not the same when others read them. However, I absolutely adore Jane Austen (and Baroness Orczy), so if you should feel so inclined as to record more of her works, I would also be very happy.


  2. yvonne

    I just finished Secret Garden today, it /you was simply incredible. I am in awe of your talent , I am looking for all your stories on LibriVox. I will be thrilled with either of your choices I love all Jane Austin and I was also looking forward to listening to Ann of Green Gables soon.
    You really bring this wonderful literature to life.
    Thanks again.

  3. Janeen

    Oooooh I’d lurve either one…. both series are my favorites!!!

  4. Gertie

    Do them both….

    Just out of interest what other books have you recorded. I’ve downloaded the ‘secret garden’ and listened to ‘the railway children’ – that was where I first heard your voice.

    Good luck with your knitting. You’ll have to put a photo of it on your blog.

  5. I intend to. The question was, in what order. 🙂

    Oh, and by Anne of Green Gables I meant the next Anne book.

    My other solo recordings can be found here

  6. Rita

    Hello Karen!

    I have to say that I found you because a friend of mine was telling me about re-watching her movie collection of Anne of Green Gables. Since I don’t watch tv much at all, I thought perhaps I could listen to it while I worked and putzed.

    I had already listened to a couple other books from Librivox, so I turned to Librivox again, and wha-lah, there you were.

    I try to always download series by the same reader, but in this case I did download the others also, to try to get them all.,

    All I can say is, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do the other Anne books! You have brought her soooo to life in my head! The others just don’t compare!

    I was listening to the first book at work on my ipod, and I started laughing out loud. The same friend that suggested ‘Anne’ caught me laughing, and asked what the heck I was listening to. I told her, ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘Does this girl ever shut up, or does she always talk so much and so fast?’

    I love your versions! Oh, Please do more! But, since finding you, I have downloaded more of your stories, and re-listened to your versions of ‘Anne’.

    So, I am selfish, I want you to do them All! You are great at bringing characters to life.

    I wish you well in all that you do, just your emotional recordings tell a lot about the person inside. Very caring. I am impressed. Beautiful work.

    A fan for life (no exaggeration)!

  7. Tanya

    Yes I totally agree with Rita, please do the other Anne books. I love all the voices that you do for all the characters, they all seem so real and make me enjoy the books even more. Please please please!

  8. As much as I like the Anne books and can hardly wait to begin listening to your readings of them, I would cherish hearing your talents turn toward Sense and Sensibility. You make Jane Austen come to life.

    Only if it was followed by the next Anne book…

    Thank you so much for your dedication to Librivox and sharing your talents with all of us.

  9. Lisa

    I vote for you to do the next Anne of Green Gables book, I just finished listening to Anne of the Island and dread having to change to another reader for the next one. Of course, if you did sense and sensiblity I would just listen to the first, although I am DYING to know more about anne and gilbert. Thanks so much for volunteering for librivox, I just love your voice. I would like to do it myself, but my voice leaves a lot to be desired, I would scare people off!!!

  10. Ms. Savage,

    I turned to because I had to do weeks of filing, 8 hours a day, day in and day out, and wanted something to put in my ears to pass the time. I thought the effort was a failure at first, because I didn’t like the way anyone read the books: too vapid, to bland, doesn’t get what they’re reading, no joy, etc.

    I love Pride & Prejudice and was relieved to preview your version of it, which became my first book. I was so satisfied listening to it, that I also listened to your Pimpernel books. Very nice command of French, by the way. Finding no one else who appears to read as well as you do, or no other books that I want as background, I’ve resorted to listening to your P&P over and over for weeks now. When I finish chapter 61, I just start again from the beginning.

    Anyway, I’m unfortunately reading in your comments all this preference for books in which I’m not really interested. I am, however very interested in Sense & Sensibility, and haven’t downloaded any of the existing Librivox recordings of it because the readers don’t seem to know how to read the first 2 sentences of the book. Any of the Austins would be lovely for me.

    I’m sure you’ll record what it brings you joy to do, in any case. So, much love and thanks to you for P&P, and look forward to your continued contributions, although I think that the iPhone app is causing my phone to crash. I may have to give it up.

    Thanks again,


  11. Priyanka Singh

    Ms. Savage,

    I am new to Librivox but did not take me long to become a fan of it. Not being a huge book reader myself in the past….. I turned towards audio books after joining my new job which is over an hour away from my home. I grew tired of the radio in a few days only and started my journey to audio books.

    I have read few classics already such as Treasure Island, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as three of your narration Pride and Prej., Secret Garden and Little princess. Soon about finishing the Secret Garden it did not take me long to become the fan of your voice. I searched for your info in Google and found one place where I can leave thanks for your great work. You have a very clear voice and ultimate talent of replicating the emotions hidden in the book (which in many cases dissolves with plain reading).

    I really love and thank you for reading these great books to me 🙂

    Priyanka Singh
    Dallas TX

  12. Am 2/3 thru your lovely rendering of Rilla; I have read it at least 20 times since I was pre-teen and it is a new-found pleasure to hear you via Librivox! I now live on Prince Edward Island and wondered if you had ever visited L.M.’s home?

  13. Just wanted to say that I love listening to your books on LV!! Thanks so much for your many contributions 🙂

  14. Jill

    Hi Karen. I just wanted to thank you for your recording of Anne of Green Gables. I have never read it before and your reading of it drew me into Anne’s world in a magical way. I hope you will record more from this series, and I look forward to listening to lots more from you. Thanks again!!

  15. Hi Jill. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have already recorded several other books in the Anne series: LV Catalog

  16. I vote for Sense and Sensibility. Your readings are excellent. I started with Persuasion and immediately downloaded Pride & Prejudice and am now unable to stop listening. Thanks for such wonderful readings for Librivox!

  17. Brenda

    Hi, Karen,

    I have only recently become acquainted with your reading talents. It has been some time since I took advantage of the LibriVox recordings, and when I found books read by you, I was immediately impressed with how pleasant it is to listen to you. I have downloaded many of your books, which is so wonderful to be able to do, but one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables, it seems is no longer available through LibriVox. Will it be available again thru LibriVox, or perhaps you will be releasing it thru another publisher? I would love to be able to acquire your reading of Anne of Green Gables, as it is one of my favorite books, and your renditions are so wonderful!!

    Thanks…another grateful fan,

  18. Huh, that’s weird. It should still be available on LV. I’ll look into it.

  19. Mansel Wells

    Hi Karen,

    I have been thoroughly enjoying Anne of the Island. You do an exceptional job. The characters come to life through your voice. Thank you.

    I am a 62 year old man who has not been a big reader. I travel a lot for my job and have started listening to audio books. It may seem strange that someone like me would enjoy Anne Shirley so much. Your talents have contributed to it.

    I started listening to Anne’s House of Dreams and was disappointed that you were not the reader. I actually stopped listening fearing I could not enter into the book without you behind it. Please consider recording it.

    Thank you.

  20. Richard Reeder

    Just listened to The Scarlet P and Illusive of same ilk. Love your dialect and cadence. Folk from the USA rarely get the English right but you are a piece of work. Just got Mansfield Park and Sense and S. Looking forward to a good listen.
    I think you’re a star. Persist with the Welsh. Who knows where it might end?


  21. Crystal Arcand (3Stairs)

    My daughters and I have been enjoying listening to the Anne series. I’m holding out until we can have the entire series read by you. While I’m waiting, I’ll enjoy the Austen books.

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