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Life seems suddenly much more relaxing. The show opened last weekend, and I think it went quite well. We haven’t sold out any of the performances so far, but we’ve had decent sized crowds. One of the cast members, whose only previous experience at the WCT was Fiddler, was disappointed at the size of the crowds. It took some talking to convince her that Fiddler was a special case, that not every show sells out every single performance! While Once Upon a Mattress is a very fun show, it’s nowhere near as well known as Fiddler, so there’s not as great a demand.

I’ve also just mailed in Team Steve’s final project to the professor, so the only thing left for class is the presentation on Thursday. I’m so glad that’s over – being in a team of five people in which only two and a half are doing any work is no fun (two and a half because of the amount of work involved by the half compared to the two). We got the results on our finals back last week and I somehow managed to get the exact same grade on it as I did on the mid-term… right down to the decimal. Weird, but good, because I hadn’t expected to do as well as on the mid-term. There were several things I wasn’t able to get working properly, but he seemed to think that what I did do was very strong work regardless. I’m not going to complain!


I just finished four Java programs in two hours! Talk about catching up on the homework!

I figured I should at least look at them, considering I’m going to be tutoring one of my classmates on these two chapters tomorrow. Good motivation to get the work done, I’ll tell you that much.

Now, if I could just find some motivation for recording the rest of Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare! I don’t remember them being this dull when I read them as a kid. Perhaps it’s because I’ve since been introduced to the full glory of Shakespeare’s works, and just can’t do with this cut down prose anymore.

And speaking of Shakespeare’s plays, I had an idea this afternoon when I was having lunch with Jana. We were talking about the upcoming season at the theatre and I mentioned how much I miss doing Shakespeare. She told me she’d done her best to get some into the new season, but without success, and then we moved on to talking about studio shows. And that’s when I got the idea to submit Twelfth Night as a studio show.

I must admit, part of the appeal is because, completely selfishly, I’d cast myself as Viola! 🙂

Jana has bagsed Malvolio. *lol*

The end is in sight

It looks like I’m graduating in December after all. Yay!
I finally did manage to get two classes in the summer, but only by doing an independent study version of one of the classes I’d registered for for the fall, that had been cancelled (I really need to finish that… we did this whole reorganization thing at work this summer, and I fell behind). Over the course of the summer, I registered for two other classes, and both of those got cancelled too. I finally ended up registering for a management class, which, after last spring, I swore I would never, ever do again. I should know better by now than to say I’ll never, ever do something, because I always end up having to do it. Anyway, I don’t care, it’s my final elective, and after this, I’m done! I’ve already started applying for jobs in my new field. Fingers crossed.

I hate stress!

So far, this summer has been pretty awful. We’ll start with classes.

So, I’m three classes away from graduating, and I was hoping I’d be able to take two classes in the summer (one each session), and just one in the fall, mainly because tuition is cheaper in the summer, so I’d have less tax to pay on it. Well, come registration time, I find that the IS department wasn’t offering any graduate level classes second summer session. Well, fine! So I registered for one class in the summer (one that I wasn’t particularly interested in, but I didn’t have much choice), and two in the fall. A few weeks later, I went in to print out a copy of my schedule, and I noticed that it was only showing one class for the fall. What the heck!? I went looked for the missing class in registration and it was gone! Poof! They’d cancelled it and not even had the decency to send out an email letting people know! So I’m looking around for a class to replace that one and in the meantime I email the professor who was teaching my summer class to see if he’d send me the reading list so I could start trying to get the books. He emails me back and tells me that he doesn’t think the class is going to make, because I’m the only person registered for it. *scream* So I’m down two classes, and it’s looking like I might not graduate in December. Well, I finally decided that I would switch my one remaining fall class to the summer (it was being offered both times) so I’d at least have a summer class and could give myself a bit of time to try to figure out what to do about the two other classes I needed. I finally found another class in the fall that I hadn’t already taken, and then I decided to email the professor of the fall class that got cancelled (happened to be Java), to see if he’d be willing to teach it as an independent study. I still haven’t heard back from the man. So instead, I asked the professor who’s teaching my summer class if he’d be willing to do it, and he agreed, so I’m finally back to my three classes, and I’m actually doing what I’d originally planned; two classes in the summer, and one in the fall! But good grief, the stress involved in getting to that point!

Next stresser? Well, the powers that be at the library decided that it would be a good idea to consolidate the three reference points (and the reference collections) into one central location. Ok, fine, that would probably be a good idea, if we actually had an area in the library big enough to house all three reference collections. But since we don’t, and parts of the reference collections are still going to be scattered around the library, it makes no sense to me. But they didn’t ask my opinion, so I guess it doesn’t count. (Can you tell I’m vaguely annoyed by this whole thing?) Anyway, as soon as I got back from vacation, I was told to pack up all my stuff and bring all the departmental supplies to the supply person downstairs. We then sat in our offices for over a week, waiting for the IT people to get around to moving our computers (why we weren’t allowed to move them ourselves, I’ll never know). The move itself was stressful enough, but having to sit in clutter for a week while we waited to move was worse! So last Friday we finally got to move, and I’ve lost my lovely windows (I had two walls made of windows in my last office) and now I have to share one window with three other people and I’m not even the one closest to it and I’ve no privacy and… well, I keep telling myself I’m graduating in December. I still have no idea what’s going to happen to my student workers. At one point they said they were going to be shifted to the departments that are taking over responsibility for the journals and reference collection that were left upstairs; then on Friday I was told to email them and tell them to check in downstairs from now on. I wish they’d make up their minds so I can tell them something definite. My students who aren’t working this summer know absolutely nothing about what’s going on. Grr! Ok, enough ranting for now.

On a more pleasant note, I’m going to be directing the melodrama (The Drunkard) at the theatre this summer. Auditions are this weekend and the show goes up July 21st – 23rd. It’s my directorial debut, and it should be a fun show. It’s a small cast of only five people, which is generally lots of fun. I’ll keep posting on how it goes!

She's alive!

Hmm… looks like the new trend on my blog is one post per semester. Well, couldn’t be helped, it was a busy term. Still is, actually. I should be studying for my database final which is first thing tomorrow morning, but I thought I’d do my duty as an upstanding member of the Procrastinators’ Guild and avoid it for a little while. I did look over the study guide, and it’s really just the bits that are from the first half of the semester that I need to go over. Most of the rest of it we’ve been using fairly constantly in class and on assignments so I’m comfortable with it.

So, can’t wait to go shopping this weekend. Tomorrow’s payday, which means I can finally get my Christmas shopping done. I’m going to Mexico to spend the holiday with my brother and his family so I have to get stuff for both the kids. Apparently, they want football cleats (read soccer, Americans). Well, that’s easy enough, but I’d also like to get them something fun. That’s harder, because nobody can seem to give us an idea of what they like these days! It’s the problem with living so far away, you don’t get to know the little details of everyday life.

Back to the old grind…

Well, that’s summer over. Two more classes under my belt, and just six to go before I finish my masters. Yay! If all goes well, I’ll just have to endure one more Texas summer! I really, really want to move somewhere cooler when I finish.

Just got back from vacation. Second day back at work, today. I spent a week in California with my mother. Among other things, we went to the Hollywood Bowl and saw their production of Camelot. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they had Jeremy Irons in the role of Arthur. Very, very cool. Needless to say, there were a whole lot more people there that day than the time I went to see Regina Carter.

Now I’m just trying to get through Seussical. Hmm… that makes it sound like it’s a complete drag, but it’s not. I’m having a great time, it’s just that it’s very time consuming, and I’m always tired. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m both stage managing and acting in it. Still, just a week and a half more of rehearsals and then we open. Scary thought! Should be a really good show.


I saw the teaser for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this weekend. Before then I hadn’t known that they were making a new set of films based on the Chronicles of Narnia. The teaser really looked promising. I’m all excited now because the Chronicles of Narnia were some of my favourite books growing up. I can’t believe I have to wait till December to see it! I just hope that I’m not so wired by then that it ends up being disappointing.

In other news, the semester is officially over for me. I took my one and only final on Thursday. Woot. I’d definitely be more excited if I were still a teacher or a full time student and actually were getting any sort of a real break this summer… or even between this semester and the summer term. It’s at this time of year that I think most seriously of actually, really going back into teaching. Possibly at a community college, in a non-tenure track position so I could just get on with teaching and not have to spend half my time doing research or publishing papers. Yeah, that would be good.

So helpful!

Grr! I’m really pissed off at the people in payroll right now. Why? I’m glad you asked! See, because I work full-time at the university, I get tuition remission as one of my benefits (which means I don’t have to pay for my master’s degree). But at the graduate level, it’s taxable above a certain amount. Basically, come fall semester, they tell the IRS that instead of making, say, $1000 a week, I’m making, for example, $1500, and the IRS then takes out more taxes. Vell… with the amounts they were taking out, I quickly decided that I could only take three classes per year, which meant it was going to take me much longer than I’d expected to finish my degree (I went into it thinking I’d be able to take six classes per year – the maximum amount allowed under tuition remission).

Well as I was trying to figure out how much the tax amount would be this year (oh, because apart from everything else, they’ve totally messed up on taking it out both years I’ve done this, and instead of spreading it out over four months, have waited till the last two, so I still had no idea how much the amount was really supposed to be), the head of payroll very casually mentioned, “Well, you know, if you want, you can estimate the amount of the tuition remission and have the extra taxes spread out over the whole year.”

*blink* I- huh? I can?? Oh, this is nice! Thanks for waiting two and a half YEARS to tell me this!! If they’d told me from the start, I’d be finishing this year! *grumble mutter mumble*


First week of the new semester is now over, and already we have a break, with MLK Jr day coming up on Monday. Not that I’m complaining about having a day off, but it does seem a bit silly to have it so soon after the start of the term. I guess it’s just going to be a silly term as far as breaks go anyway, what with Easter being the weekend after Spring Break.


Victory dance. Got my grades back for my classes and not only did I pass them both, I got an A on my IS paper. Dances a little more. Ok, I’ll stop now. I’m just excited because that’s the first paper I’ve ever had to write for a graduate level class, and I got an A on it!

So on Sunday I drove down to Austin and got my very own bowling ball! It’s neato; it’s green, white and black marbled and they did the drilling for free when I bought it. I can’t wait till my next bowling outing. Though, since it’s supposed to be a Christmas present from my mother, I wonder if I should wait till after Christmas to try it out. Decisions, decisions.

I can’t believe it’s only ten days till Christmas! (I’m on the mexican calendar where Christmas starts on the 24th) It seemed to come really, really quickly this year. I’m definitely ready for it. More for the time off work than anything else. I’ve been needing a break for months and Thanksgiving just wasn’t long enough.

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