Keeping Lucy

There’s this tree in the back yard that grows almost horizontally for the first eight feet or so, and then, just before it hits the fence, it goes vertical. Lucy has always liked climbing that tree and watching the world go by next to the fence.

Within the last few months, though, she decided it would be great fun to just jump over and go exploring. Unsupervised explorations are not on my list of allowed activities, though, so I built a little addition to the fence.

This worked for about a month, till she tore the netting and started jumping the fence again. So I tried something sturdier within the frame.

Nice and sturdy, but she decided to just go over it. That fix didn’t last more than 24 hours! So now I have to be a total meany and block off her access to the tree entirely.

Still, better a meany than splat-dog in the street.