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I love Lucy!

I haven’t written in a shockingly long time, but I have an excuse! I’ve been busy… with my new doggie, Lucy! 😀

I picked her up from the local no-kill shelter in mid-September and since then we’ve been getting to know each other, doing some training and going for walks every day. She’s an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Not sure what the mix is… possibly some sort of terrier or pointer.

Other than that, I’d been working on Children of Eden. It was fun, but I don’t think I’ll do anymore shows where Tommy is music directing by himself. He’s much too vague without Lise. She’s got the true teacher instinct (she should; she’s a teacher!), so she makes certain that everybody knows everything they’re supposed to know ad nauseum. Tommy was all, “I’m going to treat you like professionals, so you just study your music.” All very well, except we’re not professionals, and not everybody could read music! Still, it ended up being a decent show.

At one point I’d been interested in directing Dial M for Murder, which came after CoE, but I was having health problems around the time the proposals were due and it just didn’t happen. I might have auditioned for it, but I learned that Scott was going to be directing A Christmas Carol, so I decided to audition for that instead. I was offered the role of the Plain Sister (in the scene at Fred’s house), but around the same time, I got a couple of projects with January deadlines at work and thought it might be safer not to take the part, since I didn’t know how much extra time I might have to devote to them. Tonight I got a call from Beth asking if I would please reconsider and take the part of Fred’s wife (same scene) as they were having a bit of an upheaval in the show and needed all the people they could get. So… three and a half weeks before opening, I’m suddenly in the Christmas show (panic!). Well, at least it’s not a very big part. I’ll get to do some carolling in Act I, possibly be a background person in the Fezziwig scene, and then be Mrs. Fred in Act II.




Books… lovely books!


  1. Marge

    Your pup looks very much like a Jack Russell terrior. They are lovely little dogs with a lot of energy.

  2. Her shape does remind me of some terriers and pointers… but I think she’s a bit too big to have Jack Russell in the mix, unless it’s several generations back. 🙂

  3. Lene

    hello there,
    cute dog 🙂

    A few days ago I wrote a comment under the “audiobooks” category. It was about you reading Jane Austen’s “pride and prejudice”. I really enjoid listening to the book, your voice and english pronunciation both were so captivating that every time I have been taking a break I’ been anxious to get back to the audiobook.

    I am a little fan of Jane Austen, and I wonder if you are planning on reading other books of her in solo, like “Sense and sensibility”? I haven’t found other readers that read as good as you. 🙂


    Lene Johansen from Norway

  4. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the reading.

    I’m currently working on Persuasion… I have the rest of the Austen novels on my “to read” list too. 🙂

  5. Bhaskar

    Hi Karen

    Cute pup!

    Liked to write in after listening to”the scarlet pimpernel” and “the elusive pimpernel”….so natural and awesome reading…i enjoyed so much that i entered your blog to let you know……….and in return could you send me the list of the audiobooks you have recorded till now and available in the librivox in my email id?…… and your “to read” lists as well..i wanna read ’em all…….

    thanks once again for the pains you took for those books…..

    hoping to hear more,

  6. rachele

    Sorry to be off-topic – but I wanted to let you know how much I loved your reading of Anne of Green Gables going to university – it was amazing and I listened to it all in two days. Thanks so much – let me know if I can ever do anything for you!

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