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Books… lovely books!

I went by the Friends of the Library Book Sale today and got fourteen books for $19.50! I found a complete Shakespeare in a hard back, three volume set for $4.50. I looked for knitting books but didn’t find any (not to say there weren’t any there though); lots of cross-stitch, sewing, weaving and all other sorts of crafts, but I couldn’t find any knitting. I got a few mysteries, and some straight fiction, and found the two volume set of A. A. Milne poems that I’d had on tape as a child in hard back – those two look brand new!

I do like the Book Sale. 🙂


I love Lucy!


Mea culpa


  1. Milo T. Fish

    Ms. Savage,

    I just finished listening to your Librivox recording of A LITTLE PRINCESS. Spec-TAC-ular job!!! I intend to listen to all of your other solo projects. Thank you so much for your volunteerism.

    I love Librivox, but I am often struck by the haphazard quality of the recordings. To find a beloved childhood book recorded cleanly, by a woman with a theatrical background, and with an English accent, even, was a true joy. Can’t wait to hear your take on the Bennett Girls!

    Yours from Michigan,
    Milo T. Fish

  2. Glenn Baker

    Thanks for your reading of The Scarlet Pimpernel .I’m retired and live in wales I really enjoyed listening to this story.

  3. Milo T. Fish

    Dear Ms. Savage,

    Well aware that I am in hazard of becoming a pest, I decided nevertheless to leave you another comment. Now having listened to “Anne of Green Gables” (ugh!), “The Scarlet Pimpernel” (huzzah!) and half of “Pride and Prejudice,” (as well as “A Little Princess” [see supra.]), I have come to two conclusions:

    1) You have a rare talent, and should be remunerated for your efforts, so please seek employment at Recorded Books Inc or somewhere.

    2) I have developed a bit of a crush on Your Voice (particularly the Englishy Accented One), and wondered if perhaps Your Voice and I could not get tea sometime, and talk about stuff. Possibly petticoats and swordcanes and tricorne hats. I don’t care.

    If you cannot spare Your Voice for tea, I understand, and simply thank you again for your Librivox oeuvre.

    Milo T. Fish
    Royal Oak, Michigan

  4. Karma1130

    Ms. Savage,
    I’ve listened with much enjoyment to your readings of Hogart’s Will , and Mansfield Park, I absolutely love your interpretation of Beautiful Soup … would you ever consider film narration ? If so,
    I’d like to forward some materials which hopefully might interest you.


  5. stephen wallington

    Thank you so much for your brilliant readings of Anne of Green Gables and E Nesbit. Any chance of some more? and how about doing justice to two volume set of A. A. Milne poems?

    if your ever return to the uk and are appearing in a play please let us know.

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