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Month: March 2011

Housekeeper, not flower-girl

I got cast as Mrs Pearce in My Fair Lady. I can live with that, especially since the person who did get cast as Eliza was the only person at call backs who didn’t make me cringe inwardly at least once on accents. And the director has said I can use whatever accent I like for Mrs P. She’s totally going to be Welsh! 🙂 I wanted to do Welsh for Mrs Clackett in Noises Off, but the director nixed it, so I’m excited that I get to try it out this time.

I might get to re-use the costume I made for Trial by Jury, which I introduced in the persona of Queen Victoria. It’s plain and black, with just a bit of lace at the neck, so it might work for a housekeeper. I’m offering it to the costumer anyway so she can decide. What I say is, it’s one less thing to have to make, which, with a large cast, is an important point.

I don’t like the time change

I don’t like taking the dog for her walk until it starts getting light. Last week, I was able to take her out around 6:15am, which meant I could get to work between 7 and 7:30 and get off work around 4 (yay!). This week, I’m back to having to wait until after 7 to take her out, which means I’m getting to work later, and off work later (boo!).

The only good thing that’s come out of the change so far is that, as I’m still waking up around 5:30, I’ve got extra time in the mornings, so I’ve been able to get some recording done before work, while the house is quiet. 🙂

Auditions for My Fair Lady on Monday. I’m trying out for Eliza. I can reach all the notes, and I can beat the pants off anyone else auditioning on accents, but we shall see. I tend to get cast in very minor roles or in the chorus in most musicals (twice in non-singing roles!)

Iambik releases Crime Collection 1

Iambik finally released the collection that contains my book Getting Sassy. There was a bit of delay while they reworked the site’s look and functionality. There’s currently a blip in that my book is marked as $0.00, though it shows the full price ($6.99) once in the shopping cart.

The press release.


So the new housemates have two dogs. Their own is a beagle, a little less than a year old. He’s a sweet little guy. The other dog they’re fostering for the landlady, whose daughter wanted a largish dog, but they don’t have room for it where they’re living on campus. She’s a husky mix, and she’s very sweet with people, and gets along with most dogs, but wouldn’t you know it, the one dog she hated on sight was my poor Lucy! (we think it’s a dominant females thing) 🙁

Finished another two books recently. One for Iambik called Getting Sassy by D. C. Brod. It’s for their new Crime collection, which they’re supposed to be releasing any day now. It was lots of fun to read. It’s a sort of mix of crime, thriller and comedy. The other book I just finished was a critical edition of Mansfield Park for Ignatius Press. It’s the full text of MP plus an additional ten or twelve sections of modern criticisms, and some contemporary opinions that Jane Austen collected of the novel.

Up next I’m starting a children’s series for Iambik called The Chronicles of Valonia by Katie Paterson. They’re Arthurian legend, which I’ve been partial to since I took a lit class in college that covered everything from Mallory’s Mort D’Arthur through Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon. Ignatius has given me a book called Poor Banished Children by Fiorella de Maria. I’m about a quarter of the way through my pre-read of it, but it promises to be very interesting. It’s set in the sixteenth century, and begins with a shipwreck off the coasts of Cornwall. The only survivor found is a young woman dressed as a boy. She’s taken in, gravely ill, by the local gentry and is found to speak Latin. She asks for a priest (dangerous, because this is after the dissolution of the monasteries) to give her final confession, starting from her early childhood. Still working on Sense and Sensibility for LV, though it fell a little by the wayside while I finished the last two, as I had definite deadlines for them. My next LV book will be The Big Time by Fritz Leiber, which I’m doing for the 5th Annual SFFAudio Challenge.

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