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I don’t like the time change

I don’t like taking the dog for her walk until it starts getting light. Last week, I was able to take her out around 6:15am, which meant I could get to work between 7 and 7:30 and get off work around 4 (yay!). This week, I’m back to having to wait until after 7 to take her out, which means I’m getting to work later, and off work later (boo!).

The only good thing that’s come out of the change so far is that, as I’m still waking up around 5:30, I’ve got extra time in the mornings, so I’ve been able to get some recording done before work, while the house is quiet. 🙂

Auditions for My Fair Lady on Monday. I’m trying out for Eliza. I can reach all the notes, and I can beat the pants off anyone else auditioning on accents, but we shall see. I tend to get cast in very minor roles or in the chorus in most musicals (twice in non-singing roles!)


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  1. Dede

    I HATE daylight savings time, but if it is giving you an extra hour to record I suppose it has a little value. Break a leg with your auditions!

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