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Housekeeper, not flower-girl

I got cast as Mrs Pearce in My Fair Lady. I can live with that, especially since the person who did get cast as Eliza was the only person at call backs who didn’t make me cringe inwardly at least once on accents. And the director has said I can use whatever accent I like for Mrs P. She’s totally going to be Welsh! 🙂 I wanted to do Welsh for Mrs Clackett in Noises Off, but the director nixed it, so I’m excited that I get to try it out this time.

I might get to re-use the costume I made for Trial by Jury, which I introduced in the persona of Queen Victoria. It’s plain and black, with just a bit of lace at the neck, so it might work for a housekeeper. I’m offering it to the costumer anyway so she can decide. What I say is, it’s one less thing to have to make, which, with a large cast, is an important point.


I don’t like the time change


I could have danced all night…


  1. Hi Karen, I just listened to your reading of The Scarlet Pimpernel….you are amazing!! You have such a gift and I am so glad you have chosen to share it. I am an artist and love to listen to audiobooks as I paint. I enjoy Librivox, but you are truly above most of the readers I’ve heard. I wish you all the best! Christen

  2. Kay

    Hello Karen, I totally agree with Christen. It’s many many years since I read The Scarlet Pimpernel and having you read it to me again has been a real pleasure. Thank you!

  3. Allison

    I have just finished listening to Anne of Avonlea and I really enjoyed it. It cheered me up no end during a rather difficult time in my life. Thanks so much for recording it. I enjoyed your chapters of The Colours of Space so much I specifically looked for other recordings by you on librivox and it seems I have plenty to choose from. Thanks again!

  4. I am waiting with my breath held until Sense and Sensibility is finished. You are my favorite reader and I hope you do all of Ms. Austen’s works. They deserve a great reader.
    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it.

  5. Love your reading and would very much like to see/hear your My Fair Lady if ever it becomes available. Your mastery of accents and dialects brings the works home wonderfully. I have introduced several to my English class.

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