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After more than three years of working on it, I finally finished recording Angelina by Rafael Delgado! Woot! The last few chapters still need to be proof-listened, but I hope to be able to catalog the sucker some time next week. My next Spanish solo (started this morning), is the much shorter La Navidad en las Montañas (Christmas in the Mountains) by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (only 11 chapters in this, as opposed to 65 in Angelina).

I found out recently that one of my cousins is having twin girls this October, so I’ve started work on two more pairs of the Hello Kitty pants and two different, as yet un-chosen sweaters.


Knitting updates




  1. Doren Hagen

    Dear Karen Savage,

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to provide your excellent audio recordings. You do a wonderful job bringing the stories to life. I’ve just finished The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Elusive Pimpernel – listened to on recent road trips.

    I shall tackle your Jane Austin recordings next. I wish you’d do Ivanhoe! Again, you’ve got a gift and I am so very glad you shared it with us.

    Doren Hagen

  2. loo

    thank you !

    i am listening you pride and prejudice video now.

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