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You know it’s spring in Texas when…

Everyone starts posting pictures of their kids in fields of bluebonnets (state flower). I don’t have any kids, but I do have Lucy. Eileen and I took the dogs to the dog park today, and the field next door was full of bluebonnets, so we figured we might as well.

She was more interested in what was going on behind her (in the dog park), but she behaved very well. And one more, with her snazzy new doggles on.

The last time I had her in the car, I noticed her eyelids flapping in the wind as she stuck her head out the window. Doggles seemed in order. She doesn’t seem to mind them when she’s actually sticking her head out the window, but the minute the car stops, she wants them off!

I’ve been very busy with recording lately. I have five ACX projects in process, due between April and August. My part of Uncommon Grounds by Sandra Balzo is done. It’s now in post-processing at ACX. I’m still working on Poison in the Blood and Gunnora’s Dragons. I’ve also just started work on the second book of the Summer Chronicles, Forsaken Harbor; and I’ve just been offered The Digital Sea trilogy by Thomas K. Carpenter. I’ll be starting work on that once I finish the other three.

I had to get some dental work done a couple of weeks ago, and during the recovery time, while I was loopy on vicodin, I started working on some simple hats to donate to capsforacure.


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  1. Hi~ I ended up finding your website when I was looking for other librivox books read by you. I stumbled across your reading the “The Secret Garden.” That was the first librivox audio book I listened to. I’m disabled and it can be hard for me to read sometimes and finding audio books was a blessing. I got spoiled by your voice! I downloaded several other books and ended up not listening to them as I didn’t care for the reader’s voice. So, I found “Sense and Sensibility” kind of by accident. (I love Austen’s writings) and decided to do a search for your name and librivox and found this site. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this blog post, (the hats are quite cool!), but I wanted to say thank you for your work at librivox and your listing of books you have done. I have two more Austens lined up – and Anne of Green Gables. Blessings. 🙂

  2. Brian

    I also wish to express my thoughts about your talent. I’m about half way through “The Secret Garden” and find that your voice is just wonderful. I wish I had your ability to read that well. All my best.

  3. Frida

    Hi, I googled you to tell you that I love listening to your librivox recordings. They are very engaging and not at all monotonous like many other, yet it is easy to understand you even if ones first language is not English. It must be a bit strange to know that people around the world listen to you reading? I would think so. You really bring the stories to life, I hope you keep on recording. All the best!

  4. Kristy

    I just finished listening to your narration, Ann of Green Gables, on Audiobooks. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I look forward to listening to many more in the future. Your talent has turned my daily commute into very treasured alone time! Thank you many times over.

  5. Thank you for a marvelous reading of “The Scarlet Pimpernel”. I listen to audiobooks while I paint. I am now off to Librivox to search for other books you have read.

  6. Karen,
    I just finished listening to “Pride and Prejudice” in Librivox; I like to proof-read in Wikisource and your reading was awesome. It was the first audio recording I listened on the Internet. Your reading is so pleasant and your voice so beautiful. Congratulations for employing your talent to such a nice project.

  7. So, I now have listened to your reading of “The Secret Garden” (which left me with a joyous love of life) and “Anne of Green Gables”. Frankly I can’t get enough. I also can’t understand why a woman with your talent is in Waco and not working for Disney or Pixar. I am thankful that you have given us so much pleasure through your readings, but someone with your skills should really be paid. I recommend your readings to everyone. (That’s not just a statement, I actually do it.)

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