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6 Reasons to oppose ACTA

  1. ACTA locks countries into obsolete copyright and patent laws. If a democracy decides on less restrictive laws that reflect the reality of the internet, ACTA will prevent that.
  2. ACTA criminalizes users by making noncommercial, harmless remixes into crimes if “on a commercial scale” (art 2.14.1). Many amateur works achieve a commercial scale on sites like Youtube. ACTA, like SOPA, could mean jail time for the Justin Biebers of the world.
  3. ACTA Criminalizes legitimate websites, making them responsible for user behavior by “aiding and abetting”. (art 2.14.4). Like SOPA, the founders of your favorite sites could be sued or (worse) thrown in jail for copyright infringement by their users.
  4. ACTA will let rightsholders use laughably inflated claims of damages (based on the disproven idea that every download or stream is a lost sale) to sue people. As if suing amazing artists, video makers and websites for millions wasn’t hard enough!
  5. ACTA Permanently bypasses democracy by giving the “ACTA Committee” the power to “propose amendments to [ACTA]” (art 6.4). In other words, voting for ACTA writes a blank check to an unelected committee. These closed-door proceedings will be a playground for SOPA-supporters like the MPAA.
  6. Trade agreements are a gaping loophole, a backdoor track that, even though it creates new law, is miles removed from democracy. It’s a secretive process that’s tailor-made to serve politically connected companies. And the movie studios behind SOPA? They’re experts at it. If we can’t make secretive trade agreements harder to pass than US law, our internet’s future belongs to the lobbyists behind SOPA.

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  1. Hi Ms. Savage,
    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your recording of Rilla of Ingleside that I got from LibriVox. I have listened to it so many times! You did such a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing your talent!
    ~Caroline Duncan

  2. Dr Joe / corsicana

    Just a note to say thank you… My daughter and I have dyslexia.
    And I wanted to help her with her AR books.
    I found libriVox and started reading and listening
    the Anne of Green Gables series.
    Within those various artist, your voice was fantastic…
    My daughter got 100% on her 1st test and it helped
    with her confidence. Growing up with dyslexia makes it
    hard sometimes- and just wanted to say thank you again

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