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Splitsville.com by Tonya Kappes

My latest audiobook, Splitsville.com by Tonya Kappes, is out. It’s a murder mystery, with a touch of the supernatural, and a dose of romance.


Rally ‘Round the Corpse


UK 2012


  1. Amy

    Hello, Karen. I’ve been listening to your recordings on Librivox for some time. You are my favorite female reader. I’m blogging 31 Days of Good Books this month as part of thenester.com’s 31 days project… and I’m recommending free audiobooks today. I just realized you had this blog, so I’ll include a link to it, as I’m linking to your readings at Librivox.

  2. SunshineRose7

    I just started listening to books on Audiobooks. And as luck or divine appointment would have it … Everyone of the books starred you! Pride and Prejudice, Sense n Sensibility, The Secret Garden and now the Anne of Green Gables Series… Of which I seem to be in much dismay reading Windy Poplars by myself… I totally miss you! It’s hilarious being 38 and finding myself in the children book section of the library chasing after the next book! And … Reading it as fast as I can so I can catch you on the next! However I was much disappointed when I loaded the next that it was NOT you! So somehow I need to figure out how to download your version! I was surprised to see your resume. You are indeed a gift within many gifts from the Lord! Read on my friend, read on… Love every minute of it! And to think you have kept me company on many a lonely night… Thank you!

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