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UK 2012

I went back to the UK for the first time in nine years this past October. My cousin Andy’s twin baby daughters turned a year old during my visit. I made each of them a stuffed animal for their birthday.

I think they went over well.

It was also my dad’s birthday during my visit. Dad has Alzheimer’s, and it’s been several years since I last saw him, so I wasn’t sure how the visit would go. But, he recognized me when I first arrived (though later he thought I was his older sister), and went as well as could be expected.

Lesson learned during this visit: visit more often, so you’re not moving the entire time, trying to fit in everyone in a short trip.

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  1. Karen, I have been listening to your audiobooks during my commute! So far I have read Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice. You have the most entertaining and soothing voice, perfect for my commute! I am so excited to find your blog. I hope to learn more about your audiobooks. It’s exciting to see that you have a talent for knitting. Marvelous. Thank you for recording audiobooks – they offer much needed solace on dreary, traffic-stricken afternoons!

  2. Kathleen

    I am using your version of The Scarlet Pimpernel with my middle school English class of homeschooled students. We all enjoy listening to your precise pronunciation and way that you tell the story. Thank you so much!

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