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HOT Fair 2013

The County Fair opened this weekend. I went by on Sunday to see how my pieces had fared (no pun intended). I entered a wee hedgehog in the Knitting (Non-garment) category. He got a first place ribbon. (The photos are fuzzy because I had to use the zoom on the phone’s camera.)

The previously mentioned shawl, which was entered in the Knitting (Garment) category, won a second place ribbon.

I think I counted about half a dozen knitted entries, total, so as usual, the ribbons aren’t terribly impressive, but still fun.


From the Grounds Up by Sandra Balzo


More Dolittle!


  1. David Blaylock

    I love the hedgehog!

  2. Dell Blair

    Would love to read or hear your critique of books you have read. Are you also a writer?

  3. No, I’m not also a writer. I feel like I should want to be, but I find writing tedious. I much prefer to enjoy the fruits of others’ hard work.

    As to critiques… well, I’ve enjoyed some of the books I’ve recorded a great deal more than others, and since this is part of my livelihood, it appears impolitic to give my honest opinion of all my books (or even, to critique the ones I liked and omit the others). It wouldn’t do to offend an author with a less-than-stellar review, and lose business.

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