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I’m a big fan of the show Tabletop on Geek and Sundry. I was already familiar with Settlers of Catan before I started watching, but have since been introduced to a whole lot more European style board games, and I love them!

One of my favourite little features on most of these games is the score track along the outside of the game board. Keeping score with paper and pencil isn’t my favourite activity, and these games have spoiled me. So I decided to make myself a score track that I could use on games that don’t have one built in, like Qwirkle. It’s just foam board, and the game markers are painted wooden spools, but it does the job and it was cheap. The supplies cost me less than $10.


Twin Sweaters


Sweaterpalooza is over!

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  1. todd de Lapp

    hi Karen 🙂
    i’m a big fan of Yours at Librivox (BIG fan!) and came here by the link there. i actuelly almost never venture into a blog, but lo and behold- i actuelly find this super interesting and cool. so i’ve downloaded each page! it was cool, too, to see Your picture 🙂
    well, i am thrilled with Your reading of Anne of Green of Gables. that’s what i am on now- and it’s so Wonderful!!!
    Thank You Dear Karen for Your good work and kindness :))

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