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New Projects

I’ve picked up three new projects on ACX recently. The first is the Maggy Thorsen murder mystery series by Sandra Balzo. I’m starting with the first book in the series, Uncommon Grounds. The finished book is due in April.

Also due in April is Poison in the Blood by M. G. Scarsbrook. This is a fictionalized memoir of Lucrezia Borgia. I’ve done the first chapter so far. It promises suspense, murder, romance. Should be an interesting read.

The last project, which is due in June, is Gunnora’s Dragons by Carol Dennis. I haven’t finished pre-reading it yet (the other two have been getting preference, as they’re due earlier), but I’m enjoying it so far. As the title would imply, it’s a fantasy novel.

I’m still working on my two extant LibriVox solos: Ten From Infinity (for the SFFAudio Challenge); and Navidad en las Montañas.

In knitting, I’ve started a new lace shawl. This is my second, and my first in laceweight yarn (my previous shawl was done in fingering weight yarn, which is thicker and therefore easier for a first try). I’m doing the Skywalker Shawl by Laura Nelkin. I came across it when looking at online classes on Craftsy. Even though I’ve worked with lace a fair bit, I thought I’d try the Mastering Lace Shawls class, because I’ve never really learned how to do a provisional cast on, and I’ve always gotten tangled up when trying them. I still got tangled up this time, but I managed to get past that point. Perhaps I’ll practice again with a thicker working yarn, instead of laceweight.

We finished Gaslight last weekend. It went really well. The reviewer from the paper practically raved (for him), so I was quite pleased. The audiences also seemed to enjoy it. I was really lucky in the people who came to audition. I lost my leading man three weeks before opening night and had to re-cast, but even then, I was able to get someone really good, who worked his tail off to get all those lines learned. I really doubt the audiences had any idea (unless they were related to the theatre and heard about it through the grapevine) that he’d joined the production over a month after the rest of the cast. Chicago’s coming up in a couple of months. I’m thinking of auditioning for it.




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  1. Paul

    Hi, this is an English beginner from Taiwan. I have been so attracted by your sound and accent, and I’d like to thank you for sharing so many great audio recordings on-line. I have been learning speaking through your recordings and wish to pick up any little part of your reading if I could. I was just wondering that do you have recording of the little prince for sharing, which is one of my favorite article. Thank you very much.

  2. Sarah

    Hi Karen,
    I wasn’t sure where to post this comment, but I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying listening to your Jane Austen recordings for Librivox. I have just finished Mansfield Park, am now on Persuasion and have Pride & Prejudice lined up! I must admit that I’ve found Librivox recordings quite hit and miss, and without wanting to sound snobby about the whole thing, I couldn’t get on with listening to Jane Austen (such a British institution) read with an Amercian accent (sorry – British myself and now sounding completely snobby)! Your recordings are a different matter – I am really enjoying them because your voice feels and sounds right! I had the same problem while listening to Sherlock Holmes stories recently and found the only voice I could tolerate was Rick Kistner for Lit2Go. Funny, how voice is so important when reading aloud! Thank!

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